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Business travellers want to go green, but don’t know where to start

Business Travel
Published: 17 April 2018 has released the findings from its most recent global Sustainable Travel Report, which included more than 6,000 respondents who are business travellers.

The report indicates that the green travel trend continues to gain momentum with a large majority of global travellers (87%) stating that they want to travel sustainably. Beyond personal travel, making the right choices for the planet is also extending to the professional sphere, with many people now considering how sustainable their business travel choices really are. Over half of business travellers questioned (52%) said they would like to make more sustainable choices when they travel, but also that they don’t yet know what steps to take.

Some business travellers are though already taking eco-friendly steps when it comes to transport for example, with over half (56%) trying to travel by rail or road rather than taking flights, and 65% using public transportation as much as possible while on a business trip. Business travellers are also on the look-out for greener places to stay, with over two thirds (69%) intending to stay in eco-friendly accommodation over the next year.

One of the best ways to ensure a trip has less ecological impact is to keep things as local as possible, for example, selecting accommodation with locally sourced, sustainable in-room amenity kits or with restaurants that serve locally sourced ingredients. Making the best use of local resources not only provides a more authentic travel experience but also helps to cut down the carbon footprint of a trip. Business travellers are increasingly recognizing this, with 70% favouring local products and services during their stay.

Responsibility for eco-friendly travel choices rests not only with employees themselves, of course so it’s also encouraging to see businesses start to take more responsibility and foster a more eco-friendly approach to business travel. In fact, 40% of business travellers say it is part of their company’s values to use eco-friendly accommodation, and over a third (35%) say it is part of their company’s travel policy. That said, the majority of those surveyed (61%) feel that their company should do more to promote eco-friendly accommodation options.

With many of us committed to being green in our personal lives, it’s understandable that business travellers are also interested in bringing their ‘green-first’ mind-set when it comes to their professional lives and business travel.