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Time to chill – how to relax when travelling for business

By Gavin Bailey, Operations Director at CitySuites
Business Travel
Published: 2 March 2017

With stress accounting for 37% of all work related ill health cases and 45% of all working days lost due to ill health in 2015/16[1], it’s never been more important for workers to pay attention to their mental health. Striking the balance between work and play can be a difficult task for most, throw into the equation that you’re working away on business, and finding time to chill becomes a lot harder. Here are my top tips on what business travellers can do to slow down and rediscover their ‘Zen’ when on the road.

#1 the 5-Minute Meditation
This tip works best for: Anyone with a busy schedule and struggling to focus
When faced with a heavy schedule, feeling overworked is not uncommon. Meditating is a proven way of clearing your mind and alleviating such feelings, as well as easing chronic pain, improving heart health and boosting mood and immunity. Millions of converts swear by this relaxation method, including myself! Best of all, you can easily work it into your daily routine.

#2 Run Yourself Calm
This tip works best for: Those that get lots of pent-up frustration during times of stress
We often get tense when feeling the mounting pressure of looming deadlines. For a little lift I swear by doing some cardio. After all, it’s a given that physical activity is beneficial to our wellbeing and mental health. Grabbing your trainers and running yourself calm is one of best exercises to add to your daily routine, whether it be a quick five minute sprint on the treadmill first thing or a leisurely jog in the park when the working day has ended. We’re fortunate in Manchester to have a range of running routes on our doorstep to suit all abilities and time constraints

#3 Living Room Yoga
This tip works best for: Those that can feel breathless and physically drained from stress
Yoga is very much a staple in modern society. The combination of yoga poses, which massage organs and strengthen muscles, coupled with breathing techniques and meditation, serve to release stress and improve immunity. It can take as little as 15 minutes, and can be done on a mat in the gym or in the comfort of your apartment, making it a great start to your day or a relaxing finale.

#4 Green Space Reflection
This tip works best for: Anyone suffering with stress and anxiety
Recent studies confirm swapping concrete city scapes for a patch of green grass can have a positive impact on your heart rate and blood pressure, leaving you feeling rested and calm. On UK soil, charities such as Groundwork have been prolific at generating funding to introduce greener spaces to urban areas[2]. Parks like Angel Meadow on Old Mount Street and Whitworth Park on Oxford Road are my personal favourites.

#5 Mindful eating
This tip works best for: Those that struggle to maintain a healthy diet
When you’re constantly on the go, it’s very easy to neglect healthy eating in favour of instant comforts. Often when I was pushed for time, I found myself grabbing a takeaway sandwich or reaching for another biscuit to keep me going in a meeting. This can have a negative impact on your wellbeing, leaving you feeling sluggish.. After all, a healthy body is a healthy mind. To stay on top of your health, consider Mindful Chef. This door-to-door service works by delivering ingredients to create delicious, healthy recipes straight to your address.

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