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Relocating for a new job? 4 ways to help you prepare for the move

By Alex Eid, the CEO and founder of homie
Executive Education
Published: 8 March 2018

Starting a new job can be stressful enough without having to go through the process of moving as well. Relocating to a new city can be a daunting experience, so it’s better to make a start on arrangements as soon as possible, as they will always take longer than you expect.

Whether moving abroad or just to another city, there are many logistics to consider and you won’t think of everything at once. To make life a little bit easier, Alex Eid has pulled together four top tips to help you get ready for the big move.

1. Choose the location first
Once you know the area your new job will take you to, do your research on nearby locations and create a shortlist of places based on factors such as rental costs, travel time and the price of local amenities.

If possible, take the time to visit the area. Mingling with the locals and asking them what they like about it will give you some key insights. If you don’t have time to visit in person you can navigate your way around virtually using Google Street View.

As well as considering the area you want to move to, it is also important to think about the kind of life you want to lead. For example, if you love sports, is there a good gym near you? Or if you like art, is there a gallery within wandering distance? Joining local clubs or attending nearby events is a great way of immersing yourself into the local culture.

2. Know your ‘must haves’
So, you’ve got your location picked, and now you need to pick the right property. This can be a minefield when moving to a new city – scrolling through endless listings, making multiple trips to different properties and dealing with the fast-paced rental market are struggles you’d rather avoid. Before you start booking your viewings, know what you are willing to compromise on and what you won’t. Do you want to be in a first or second floor flat? Do you need a garden? Is there space for you to park your car? By answering these questions, you will quickly narrow your search and save yourself valuable time.

If you are up against the clock, or don’t know anyone in the area, it’s worth looking up services designed specifically to help you move to a new area. Personal home finders take care of the logistics of searching and scheduling viewings with multiple agents to fit around your busy life. They can also arrange and join you on a black cab tour to view your favourite properties, sharing their local knowledge.

3. Get your application accepted
When you have found your dream home, it is important that you put your best foot forward when making the application, as you don’t want it to slip through your hands. The market is incredibly competitive, and if it is of good value, it won’t stay available for long.

To help yourself stand out from the crowd, try sending a short introduction about yourself with the application, as it will help the landlord get a sense of who you are and what you do. Landlords ultimately want to know that their property will be in safe hands, so showing you are a tidy and thoughtful renter will go a long way.

4. Getting your documentation in order
Now that you have found your ideal home it is time to think about bills, banking and utilities. While they can be a hassle to sort, they are an important part of your move, and if sorted correctly, could help you save some money. Apps such as Billingbetter or Acasa, give you a place to set up all your bills in one place – providing instant quotes and advice on the best options for you.

If you are moving abroad, it is also worth looking into alternative banks, to make sure you avoid costly bank account transfers and cash withdrawal fees. Monzo is a great option to consider, already offering online only banking for Londoners with free payments abroad.

About the author
Alex Eid is the CEO and founder of homie,the new London rental platform that pairs renters with their own Homie, a personal home finder. Homies takes care of all the moving logistics of searching and scheduling viewings with multiple agents to fit around your busy life. Homies then arrange and join you on a black cab tour of your favourite properties, advising you every step of the way. Renters can request as many tours as they need to find the right home, only paying a flat fee of £49.

It all started when Alex helped a friend finding a home to rent in only one day, by arranging everything from searching properties to viewings and cab tours. Alex instantly realised the market was lacking a personal service like that – a friendly person who help you searching the right property, show you around and give advice, something only local area experts can provide.