Make 2017 your year: how to successfully prepare your company for a sale

By Company Valuation Services
Published: 15 March 2017

  • Experts say that not enough company owners realise the true value of their business
  • With the right informational resources at hand, owners could begin to reach potentially record-beating valuations – 2016 saw a healthy appetite for UK acquisitions
  • We advise on ways to realise the optimum value of your business and negotiate a successful sale in 2017

According to business valuation expert, Company Valuation Services (CVS), one of the main reasons business sales fall through is because of insufficient preparation and a lack of information guiding owners through the process.

Keeping in mind that 2016 was a peak year for acquisitions, with buyer appetite for deals remaining constant in the face of Brexit, this is a relatively minor concern which could spell great success if alleviated.

At the heart of the issue is a general lack of understanding as to what goes into company valuation and a failure to prepare the business for a profitable future post-sale.

To help businesses have a successful year, we have collated points and expert opinion on how owners can increase the value of their company before a sale in just 12 months.

Read the guide in its entirety here.

Gary Edwards, Marketing Manager at CVS, believes that entrepreneurs should value themselves fairly, and not fall into the trap of being too modest: “In our experience, not enough of the hard-working business owners out there realise just how much their company is worth. So when it comes to negotiating a sale, they often settle for less because they don’t recognise the maximum value that their most prized asset has come to be worth!

“An acquisition is not the time to be modest, nor is it time to rest on your laurels and believe the hard work is done. The company sales market is set to experience strong growth in the next year; business owners should jump on this while they can and ensure they are doing everything in their power to maximise value and bring in a value even higher than the market norm.”