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BlueScope Buildings

A business unit of BlueScope (ASX:BSL) headquartered in Australia, BlueScope Buildings is the global leader in engineered building solutions.
We are dedicated to delivering more than just quality building solutions – rather we focus on a total customer experience that results in greater confidence and peace of mind for our customers.
Engineered building solutions are buildings custom-engineered using automated design technology and feature a building envelope that is supplied as an integrated building system.
Total design time is significantly reduced because of the use of standard sections. Engineered building solutions are used for a wide range of building end uses, but typically are used in buildings under 6 stories.

Our building products are manufactured in a controlled, plant environment insuring consistent global quality.
BlueScope Buildings offers a portfolio of building solutions for almost every need and budget.
Our solutions incorporate the latest in construction innovations; and have a track record of measurable results, including shorter schedules, reduced cost, sustainable design, less waste and greater safety.
Our proven, measureable results show that by working together early in your project, we can help reduce your total construction costs.
We work with the rest of your design team to coordinate your complete facility design.
By skipping the conventional procurement process, you can avoid having to pay for engineering design twice and save valuable time in your schedule.

Using the discipline of value engineering, our teams of construction specialists are able to get smart about what building design is the most efficient and ultimately delivers the most value to our customers.
The outcome is an ability to place steel where needed, maximizing the use of building materials and reducing on-site construction waste.
In addition, the use of welded 3-plate, tapered frames (replacing the traditional use of hot-rolled sections) can help produce buildings that are 30% lighter than a comparable conventional designed structure. This helps lower building costs.

We have dedicated global teams of specialists with an understanding of the intersection of global expansion and local expertise; a proven process that compliments a company’s design, engineering and project teams to deliver valuable counsel at every stage of the building process.
And, because we have a global footprint that includes 17 manufacturing facilities on 4 continents, our ability to deliver is unsurpassed.
BlueScope Buildings is well positioned globally, to assist companies with their multi-site construction programs.
For customers seeking consistency across building assets, we offer a global building solution known as the Butler brand.
Butler ManufacturingTM pioneered the pre-engineered industry and uses proven, innovative technology and best-in-class system construction to deliver wider spans and heavier loads, with excellent durability and top weather tightness.

Having established an in-country presence in various locations around the world, we can help facilitate market entry into many new and emerging markets.
We also have a dedicated global accounts team whose specific responsibility is to help coordinate a customer’s needs to that network around the world.
We actively facilitate the exchange of information and expertise across our global footprint and across disciplines.
The purpose is to generate new ideas, continual improvement and promote best practices for those in the position of managing risk for their global building assets.

We take our responsibilities in the area of health and safety very seriously. Our health and safety management systems are a key factor in our decision-making processes. We aspire towards a goal of Zero Harm to people.
This BlueScope goal is an important driver for continuous improvement in health and safety performance.
Our global project managers have the experience to minimize the many challenges that come with building projects around the world by preparing a strategy for customers before construction even begins.
This process allows us to design buildings that erect quickly and efficiently as a complete building system.

With each project, we build on lessons learned over time to help increase speed of construction and improve communications so customers are able to get to market and realize revenues faster than ever before.

Address: BlueScope Buildings
Contact: Carl Perry, Regional Manager Europe,, Mobile: +44 7743887120