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Employer services ltd

Employer services ltd (esl) has been trusted to manage Payroll, HR and Business Services since 1999, ensuring employees pay information is actioned on time, every time.

A friendly and reliable organisation, creatively researching how innovative technology will increase mutual productivity and make the processing of people information for payroll, HR and payments more cost effective for our clients globally.
esl is seen as a preferred business partner for clients across many industry sectors, enabling and promoting strategic growth by engaging with Finance and HR to create effective and proactive information management methods.
Processing over 3 million payslips per annum and sending tens of millions of pounds of payments via our secure Bacs Approved Bureau.
esl’s single point of contact (SPOC) service is unique in the industry, providing advice and solutions to meet Payroll, Payments, Direct Debit and Global Payment requirements.
esl employs industry experts and actively encouraging new staff to achieve industry-recognised qualifications. As a result, the payroll division is one of the most professionally qualified teams in the industry, with all staff either fully or partly CIPP qualified.
esl is dedicated to continuously improving quality of service by developing effective processes for mutual benefit with both clients and their employees around the world.
Promoting corporate social responsibility through innovative and green processes, esl enables clients to enjoy the cost benefits of carefully directed resources. Many organisations are recognising the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and adopting policies to minimise any detrimental effect on the environment.
Global services offer clients the enjoyment of a SPOC, keeping relationships friendly and professional. esl’s constant mission to invest resource to streamline information and optimise processes, helps guide clients to further develop their own internal systems and processes.

esl’s key market strategies
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Working with experts in the field to develop smarter processes and effectively capture knowledge for linked and integrated processes, where service quality is paramount.
esl continually conducts Client Satisfaction Surveys across a very diverse client base, finding that a common request is to drive down costs in addition to creating systems that are more environmentally friendly, the esl Gateway leads the way for managing this:-

esl Online Business Gateway gives clients fantastic benefits:

  • Secure access to the payroll account from anywhere you have Internet access.
  • Instant access to management reports and payslip summaries with up to 7 years history.
  • Data upload for all payroll changes to be sure the account manager is alerted. No need for emails!
  • Audit Trail for every exchange made via the Business Gateway, date/time/user stamped for protection.
  • Paper-free payroll data the way organisations need it.

Electronic payslips and reports
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The implementation of ePayslips, ‘Payslip4U’ is part of esl’s initiative to drive clients towards a greener office environment; a tough challenge considering it is recognised that Payroll and HR departments are the biggest producers of printed matter in many companies.
esl is keen to assist organisations to develop their systems and processes that will enhance green credentials and help achieve CSR ‘award winning’ recognition.
The introduction of ePayslip technology with eReporting has undoubtedly had a positive environmental impact on administrative costs as it discards the need for constant employee information requests directly to the HR team; the information is readily at hand on-line for the employees.

Providing ePayslips is only a part of the project objectives. The main focus is to support clients with benefits:-

  • zero IT footprint
  • Reduced power usage
  • Little or no Risk of IT failure
  • Back-ups and storage
  • Reduced usage of printers and toner
  • No payslip stationery
  • Minimal reporting stationery
  • Empowered employees with a strategic team enabled to focus on core business areas.

A typical example for a client operating a monthly payroll for 500 employees will realise saving of £2460 per year and in addition, reduce; just on payslips alone, 3,000 documents a year enjoying environmental benefits of reduced paper usage, printing and energy costs.

ISO 27001, ISO 9001 Bacs accreditation
Corporate social Responsibility (CSR) taking care of our environment
Continual education is promoted to engage staff on a journey for ongoing improvement which begins with attention to streamlining information; the understanding that duplicated effort drains resources is evidenced where innovation is paramount and a priority approach taken by esl.
Award winners of the Green Apple Award for Business achievements 2012 and 2013.

Industry Awards:
Since 2011, esl has been recognised through a series of industry awards for its Quality and Innovation to the industry, awards included:

  • esl was a finalist for Payroll Team of The Year 2012 for both the Chartered Institue of Payroll Professionals and Payroll World.
  • Global Operations Manager, Ginnie Freeman – awarded International Payroll Manager of the Year 2012 by CIPP
  • Service Manager, Shirley Watts awarded Payroll Manager of the Year (Bureau) 2012

phone: 01277 230656