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Semarchy Evolutionary MDM™

Semarchy provides master data value in weeks not months, using an agile, value-driven approach to design and manage master and reference data. Our unique approach creates value for the business quickly and cost effectively, supports all domains within a single environment, adapts to evolving business requirements, and allows deployments in any environment with any style of MDM and RDM. Results can be trusted with complete visibility to all underlying data and lineage. Semarchy Convergence is a multi-domain, rules driven, fast to implement, and scalable enterprise solution. We are the Evolutionary MDM™ company.

Semarchy changes the world of MDM by proposing a new vision to Master Data Management called Evolutionary MDM™. This vision is based on 3 pillars:

  • Value-Driven: Deliver fastest time-to-value solutions with a measured ROI that empowers the business. Value is achieved through shorter implementation cycles delivering immediate value, responsible governance, and by designing processes that serve the business.
  • Agile: Execute the initiative one (quick) step at a time, in a risk-controlled environment, and have this initiative evolve with the business requirements. Agility is supported by flexible modelling adaptable to any business requirements, by open and collaborative processes, and by incremental and iterative changes.
  • Trusted: Provide auditable and traceable data and enterprise class solutions from an experienced team. Trust is achieved by extensive collaboration to define everything as-you-go, built-in version control, traceability and data quality. To nurture trust, everything is defined by and with the business.

These three conceptual pillars are implemented at the core of our Semarchy Convergence platform.

Semarchy is committed to not only providing value, but providing value quickly. It’s why we have embraced an agile approach to doing business. Agile by definition forces collaboration between all key stakeholders to define and deliver solutions with value very rapidly. Our Evolutionary MDM approach has consistently delivered the “first Iteration” in weeks, enabling the business to demonstrate value to their customers.

This approach is fundamentally different from traditional approaches that start with defining all the “core” information specific to a domain. The traditional focus on identifying and defining core attributes is slow and can be a contentious process. Evolutionary MDM approaches the problem differently. Only the minimum data necessary to solve the specific business process is considered, along with any extended knowledge, legal and compliance data, including transaction data. This agile approach provides in every “sprint” (using the language of Agile) the opportunity to realize significant value.

In short, Evolutionary MDM ties actions and processes to the minimum set of required information for the optimal business outcome. The value is delivered and measured during small iterations that start with building subsets of the knowledge and aligning this knowledge with the appropriate business processes. These small iterations allow for an agile, flexible and lightweight product that moulds easily to fast changing business needs and processes allowing for quick time-to-value.