Expenses by Selenity: FD duty of care checklist

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Published: 4 April 2018

Get the essential FD checklist to ensure you, personally, are duty of care compliant.
If you have the financial responsibility for reimbursing business travel to an employee that is banned from driving, you could be liable for any accident that occurs on the road. Fines of up to £20m and even imprisonment are possible.
Sounds extreme but there’s over 25k illegal drivers on the road. If they work for you and the necessary steps haven’t been taken to ensure they are safe then you and your organisation could be at risk.
If your answer isn’t 100% YES to any of the following you need to take action.

  • Do ALL employees claiming mileage have the right insurance?
  • Do ALL vehicles have valid TAX and MOT?
  • Do ALL employees practice safe driving habits?

In our latest FD article we guide you through the steps to ensure you are duty of care compliant.

Download your copy here.