Epicor: Instinct meets insight

Written by: Max Gregoriou
Published: 16 September 2016

Do CFO’s have the tools they need to make the best decisions for business growth?

Did you know that 46 percent of CFOs are making important decisions
based only on instinct? And, that a third of companies cite not having
access to internal data quickly enough as a key cause of decisionmaking

These were just a few of the insights revealed during the latest research,
commissioned by Epicor Software Corporation, into the decision making
challenges CFOs and financial decision-makers face, especially when it comes
to the role IT systems play in the process.

The picture painted is complex: while CFOs value their instinct and intuition in the
decision-making process, they’re increasingly being used to make decisions that
should be made based on hard facts. The primary culprit seems to be inadequate
IT systems: 60 percent of CFOs and financial decision-makers still rely on Excel
spreadsheets to interpret data, suggesting that their current systems are unable
to give them the insight they need.

Crucially, the survey showed that profits increased for the majority of
organisations who had managed to overcome these challenges. In this eBook,
we’ll look at the results of the survey in closer detail and explore how a modern
financial IT infrastructure, which delivers the right data to the right people and at
the right time, can help CFOs and financial decision-makers back up instinct with
relevant data they can rely on to help their businesses grow.

Download your copy here.