DataPartner: Invest for Excel

Written by: DataPartner
Published: 8 February 2018

Are you efficient with your investment appraisal calculations?
Using Microsoft Excel as a modeling environment is the best practice, however, creating financial models from scratch is a very time-consuming practice that is prone to errors.

Maintaining the self-made models often means spending much of the time changing table layouts and checking formulas. The situation is even worse when multiple people are involved.

To address those challenges, successful organizations worldwide have taken to standardized software developed on top of Microsoft Excel – to automate repetitive manual work, protect core formulas from either intentional or accidental modifications and therefore eliminate a lion’s share of required formula inspection work.

Furthermore, when such software is implemented as a corporate-wide standard, it has the potential to improve efficiency even further by facilitating the inter departmental communication when using the same familiar calculation model. There is even a potential to introduce the non-financial professionals, such as engineers, into the planning process and by that putting more expertise into decision-making. It is possible because automation in place allows making financial projections even without being a financial expert, so financial professionals and engineers can speak the same language.

DataPartner is the developer of Excel-based Invest for Excel software that is trusted by Daimler AG, Neste, Stora Enso and over 1,600 other organizations from 53 countries.

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