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Tech Immersion course available from Tech City UK

By Tech City UK
Learning & Development
Published: 1 December 2016

Tech City UK is excited to announce the launch of their latest offering: Tech Immersion. The programme provides corporates and SME employees with the opportunity to learn key knowledge about the digital tech sector.

The digital tech economy is growing 32% faster than the rest of the economy. Getting to know the tech sector could give your company and employees a crucial business advantage.

Established corporates like British Airways, Unilever and General Motors are actively partnering with start-up companies. According to OpenAxels’ white paper on corporate-start-up engagement, over half of the world’s 500 largest corporations are working with start-ups who they think can help them build their business.

How do corporates ensure that they can keep on top of the trends and take advantage of technology? At Tech City UK, we think that the first step in embracing the challenge is to engage your workforce in a conversation about the digital economy.

In response to this need, Tech City UK has launched the Tech Immersion programme. Designed for those with little knowledge of the start-up world, this two-hour course is the perfect easy introduction to the tech world.
Corporates, public and private organisations will learn just how these start-ups are driving innovation and growing so rapidly.

Tom Brammeld, Associate Director, Central London Office Agency, JLL, commented, “I thought it was an excellent presentation and very engaging. Tech City UK have a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in tech, our team learned a lot and we booked a workshop for another team at JLL as soon as we had finished our first session.’’

In just under two hours, we’ll take you through the world of start-ups and the UK digital economy so you can really understand how digital technology is transforming industries and society.

On Friday, December 9th, we will bring together individuals from a diverse range of companies, interested in learning about tech and the UK’s digital ecosystem. This Tech Immersion workshop will be held over lunch at Second Home, a creative, co-working space near Brick Lane in London and is open to everyone from a non-tech background.

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Tech City UK is a government financed initiative.