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Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Secunia is the leading provider of IT security solutions that help global organisations manage and control vulnerability threats.
These clients include Fortune 500 and Global 2000 businesses and organisations from a number of industries, including financial services, government, education, healthcare, energy, and more.
Since 2002, the company’s award-winning product line-up has supported organisations as they improve their visibility, uncover known vulnerabilities, make sense of alerts and intelligence, and efficiently patch their software. Crucially, these products provide coverage for Microsoft and third-party, non-Microsoft applications, through the entire lifecycle.
As a result, customers get an integrated, highly-automated approach to vulnerability intelligence and patching – one that saves time and money in a climate where resources are increasingly limited.
In addition, Secunia’s proven, complementary portfolio works to assist in the demands of regulatory compliance. Several sectors are obliged to provide clear reporting on their current software estate and any known vulnerabilities in the environment. Secunia’s solutions make this a simple, straightforward process, while also integrating with existing Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions.
Finally, Secunia balances its focus on innovative technologies with remarkable ease of use. From filtered alerts to rich automation, its solutions are designed to make powerful protection easy to access and manage.

A leading source of vulnerability intelligence
Working alongside a powerful product line-up, Secunia’s verified vulnerability intelligence plays a key role in the remediation of known threats.
The company runs an in-house team of security specialists to assess all reported vulnerabilities before an advisory is published. This ensures that when intelligence reaches customers, it is accurate, detailed, and immediately actionable.
Then, a detailed threat advisory includes essential information such as known attack vectors, the potential impact of an exploit, and methods of remediation. It’s an approach that eliminates the need for multiple sources of intelligence, with all the most pertinent information available in the same place.?

The Secunia Vulnerability Review
As a respected player in the application vulnerability field, Secunia’s in-demand intelligence is a valuable reflection of current trends and patterns. It is with this in mind that Secunia publishes an annual Vulnerability Review – a free resource for the security community.
In the Vulnerability Review, Secunia details the current scale of the application vulnerability threat, the performance of vendors in releasing timely security patches, and the way that businesses are dealing with the risk.
This provides an essential resource for the information security sector and organisations who are evaluating the current threat landscape.
In addition, Secunia provides quarterly Country Reports.
These compact, easy to digest assessments detail trends within a specific geographic region, including details on the most exposed programs and the End-of-Life applications that remain in widespread use.
Together, these reports help organisations to understand the nature of the threat they face, the potential implications of exposure, and how better vulnerability management could dramatically reduce that risk.

Secunia’s Products
Secunia’s core product offering is made up of two components – Secunia Corporate Software Inspector (Secunia CSI) and Secunia Vulnerability Intelligence Manager (Secunia VIM).

Secunia CSI
Secunia CSI enables organisations to assess, prioritize, and execute software vulnerability remediation.
Organisations can discover third-party applications across an entire network, building a complete picture of the software that is installed. With this increased visibility, customers can then rely on Secunia CSI to alert them to known vulnerabilities with criticality ratings to aid in the prioritisation of patching. Finally, Secunia CSI integrates with Microsoft System Center and Microsoft WSUS for patch deployment.
It’s a single solution that takes enterprises from application discovery to effective remediation.??Secunia VIM
Meanwhile, Secunia VIM provides prioritised vulnerability alerts with detailed, granular reporting.
While the platform covers more than 50,000 systems, it is focused on quality, not just quantity. Organisations can sidestep the overwhelming weight of alerts, instead, get timely, relevant alerts, directed to the appropriate team members by email or SMS.
As a result, customers can focus their attention on the most important vulnerabilities first, without spending prolonged periods of time filtering alerts and making sense of their implications.
Secunia VIM also includes a built-in ticketing system for tracking vulnerability advisories and follow-up activity. This enables organisations to ensure that threats are not left unchecked and every attack vector is closed.

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