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Thrustle Consulting

Nick Thrustle is a twenty year veteran of IT and transformation – from CIO Advisory to healthcare to forming his own company, Thrustle Consulting, a Yorkshire based consultancy and strategy firm that works with people and companies.
Having extensive experience across a range of industries and sectors and we bring each client a combination of industry knowledge and perspectives.
Thrustle’s offers best practical business experience, and we help clients set new standards of excellence in their industries: quite simply, we aim to give companies a competitive market advantage.
We’re in business to help our clients achieve higher performance. This means our work is incredibly varied. It includes everything from strategic advice to the implementation of company-wide change programmes. Our clients trust us because we take knowledge very seriously.
Now more than ever, it involves the application of technology. In today’s connected world, every business is a digital business. But more so organisational transformation through social and collaborative technologies where the end product of our work might be an restructuring, process realignment, customer engagement or a completely new IT infrastructure. Likewise, the end result might lead to higher profits, greater market share or a better customer experience.

Our vision is to be the difference through digital, social and collaborative transformation – where all play a part.


CIO Advisory

Our CIO advisory service helps CIOs and business leaders to make informed decisions on technology, investments and budgets. To help nurture growth where there is a genuine business value to be gained. Doing the right thing is going to mean more tough decisions, but decisions that will lay the foundation for future growth in IT.
The end-to-end capabilities of our CIO Advisory Services practice covers the range of CIO challenges, from defining IT strategy and managing the business/system architecture to measuring and maximising IT value and performance.

Digital Strategy & Innovation
We help develop a digital business strategy aligned to business objectives, leveraging digital capabilities to produce sustainable competitive advantage, integrated into social and collaborative technologies which drive change and adoption and integration of digital technologies with existing technology infrastructure.

Organisational Change Management
Assessing an organisations aptitude for and the impact of change and the understanding the impact on people including process and technology dimensions. Developing an effective organisational structure to operate post change, and determining roles and responsibilities that will changed or be transitioned out.
Facilitating organisational cultural change to attain the desired state.

Business Process
Helping an organisation to refine its business and to work smarter. Turn to us and re-focus your internal resources on strategic capabilities to innovate and grow your business.

Post-Merger Integration
Company X is acquired, but how do you move forward, with multiple visions and operating models. Post-merger integration provides strategic advice during this process. Offering business and IT target definition, change management, customer focus, risk management. Holistic methodology for resolving people, technology and organisational issues with a clear view of rationalisation opportunities.

Business and Target Operating Model
Providing advice on creating competitive advantage by transforming business and target operating models. Speaking the language of business and IT to ensure the business model, operating model and people/organisation models are aligned. Focusing on how do the business processes and IT work? Does the operating model support the business strategy near-term and long term.

Business and IT Strategy Alignment
Creating competitive advantage by leveraging IT to transform business operations. Aligning technologies processes, operations and governance to deliver effective advantage.
Strategic roadmap assessment, development and review, including end-state definition of technology and desired transformation complete with risk and change plans.