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New British search engine guarantees privacy

Technology & Innovation
Published: 21 April 2017

A new version of a British search engine has been launched guaranteeing its users unbeatable privacy as well as a host of other benefits.

The search engine, WhaleSlide, does not automatically store data about users so information cannot be sold on to third parties and cannot be hacked.

Additionally, users can nominate a charity and, every time they make an online purchase with one of WhaleSlide’s growing group of partner retailers, the search engine will donate money to that charity.

The entrepreneurs behind WhaleSlide are Fran Petruzzelli and Andy Curran. Fran said: ‘We know from our own research that privacy is the over-riding concern of search engine users, which is why you can use WhaleSlide without any information about you being stored.

‘And WhaleSlide is just as good, if not better, than the leading search engines – it’s fast, it’s anonymous and it doesn’t filter search results based on user preferences.’

WhaleSlide’s own research suggests that up to 1billion pounds sterling a year could be raised for charities in Britain if its policy of donating every time an online purchase is made with a retail partner was adopted widely.

Andy said: ‘It’s so easy for charities to sign up, and WhaleSlide’s donations do not cost shoppers a penny. 

‘It is literally money for nothing. Even a small charity with 50 or so supporters could raise 3,000 pounds sterling a year simply by signing up and encouraging those supporters to shop smarter.’

WhaleSlide was originally launched 18months ago, with partners as large as Nike, Selfridges, eBay and Adidas, and the new version is far more user-friendly. For more details got to Whaleslide