HEAT Software: Security threat landscape FAQ

Written by: HEAT Software
Published: 16 September 2016

What should you be most worried about within the evolving security threat landscape?

There are millions of cyber-attacks taking place every day with a total cost to the global economy of up to $575 billion a year.

Data breaches will carry on, however, given the effectiveness of malicious programmes like ransomware and recent events such as the Ashley Madison hack which proved devastating for business, 2016 seems likely to be the year we see an explosion in online extortion, be it for financial, political or moral reasons.

Companies therefore need to make plans based on not if, but when, they will be attacked. Companies must think like an attacker and act like a defender.

90% of business risk can be eliminated by proactively managing vulnerabilities. To do this successfully requires a multi-layered approach that monitors your endpoints. A 360 degree approach includes vulnerability and patch management, application control, hard drive and media encryption, device control and antivirus.

This brief FAQ focuses on the key questions that all organisation should be addressing.

Download your copy here.