KasperskyLab: Your guide to mobile security best practices

Written by: KasperskyLab
Published: 16 September 2016

What if you didn’t have to trade security and data breach protection for mobility, productivity and simplicity? Know how in this guide to mobile security best practices.


Mobile threats are increasing exponentially.<.strong>
Over a 12 month period, Kaspersky Lab security products reported 3.5 million malware
detections on the mobile devices of over 1 million users.

Mobile devices are essential pieces of business kit. But as their capabilities grow, the associated data security risks have increased. You know that securing an increasingly
mobile and geographically distributed workforce that has embraced social media and cloud-based technologies is not easy. But it is possible to say ‘Yes’ to the mobile
technologies, including BYOD, which are so critical to improved productivity, without opening new doors to security breaches.

The very features that make smart devices so useful in the workplace also make them
attractive to hackers, data thieves, malware distributors and other criminals. And that’s
before you’ve factored in the ease with which they’re stolen or …

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