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It has taken more than 10 years of research after research for IBM to generate its C – suite study. IBM engaged numerous C – suite studies and currently offers one of the extensive collections at the Clevel executive insights. The latest C suite study from IBM is stepping up to the challenge on creating CMO Insights. The latest IMB study focuses on researching and analysing on how enterprises can become more customer-activated.

The C – suite studies from IBM offers a preview of the reasoning that many corporate leaders utilise in their field. This is essential as it offers you insights into the different occurrences in your industry, your position, and your neighbourhood.

In the current digital age, competition is stiff and competitors can emerge within the shortest notice hence the relevance of these C – suite studies. The study is vital in giving you an opportunity to detect your competition, analyse it and take action to mitigate the expected results.

As part of its C – suite study, IBM has engaged in over 5, 000 CxOs globally with the aim of developing a deeper understanding of the way business leaders act and reason across the globe.

IBM has worked with Watson Analytics™ to help them accurately interpret the data they have collected with the purpose of providing you with the most accurate, reliable, and relevant insights.

 From the study, IBM Institute of Business Value realized that utilizing a customer centric and revenue generating strategy would give employees more capacity as digital marketers. Many business leaders struggle with digital marketing although it is an area that CMOs focus on. The research by IBM found out that less than 20 per cent of the CMOs interviewed during the study had blended their company’s interactions and their customers through different channels. The study also revealed that installed analytical programs that can be created digitally to collect customer data can respond to increasing customer demands hence categorizing CMOs as ‘Digital Pacesetters’ in their report.

Access to relevant, accurate, and reliable insights is vital for you as it gives you the opportunity to identify, analyse, and evaluate the different methods that your fellow business leaders are adopting to achieve success. The insights are significant as they can offer both industry specific and general C-suite perspectives across the board. The insights from IBM C – suites makes it possible for you to analyse your progress conveniently and identify areas that need to be strengthened and those that need to be maintained to retain you at the top.

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