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HR 2.0: How Technology is Transforming HR



Human Resource departments are increasingly taking a developmental role with regard to the workplace culture: encouraging teamwork, facilitating personal development, and providing regular crowd-sourced feedback. Businesses are more and more grasping the transformative possibilities of innovative technologies in optimising employee’s experiences and motivation by means of sophisticated individual recognition.

The days of annual reviews of performance are fast becoming outmoded, as HR departments shift to a model of continuous dialogue between employer and employee encouraging workplace recognition on a wider social scale. If utilised effectively, contemporary innovations in technology create opportunities for more efficient practises across dealings with employees’ experiences, their recognition, and their reward; additionally creating data-driven insights for the business as a whole.

A social network of the workplace

We have always been social beings both at work and at leisure, and now social media and technology is transforming our connections not only at home but in the corporate workplace. Businesses are increasingly capitalising on technologies trained by our usage habits, instant messaging reliance, and cloud-based document sharing to bring rapid group communication, statistical tracking, and quick and relevant feedback into the workplace.

Inspired by social media, Social Recognition platforms, in their recording and analytical techniques, can help create a long-term narrative of social business behaviour. Managers can utilise these systems to picture social sharing, revealing previously overlooked patterns. If recognition moments amongst members of a department are mapped, the product will be capable of revealing practices that lead to greater efficiency. No longer will managers and HR departments need to rely on tenuous anecdotal reports or a foggy memory, but can isolate important actions and decisions that engender success.

Dynamic data’s reinvention of HR

The unprecedented innovations ushered in by cloud and mobile technology has permanently changed our relationship to data. No longer logged and loaded, data is an evolving and continuous presence fully integrated with our daily routines. In this context HR can be reinvented, with technology streamlining business processes, and enhancing employees’ experiences.

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