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Business Ideas



Stuck in a job you don’t care for? Hate having a boss breathing down your neck? If you are the kind of person who thinks they could be doing a better job than the upper management and want to take control of your career, you might be better off pursuing your own business ideas.

Maybe you agree with this but you’re at a loss as to where to start. With this handy list you will see there are countless ways to start a business venture, many from the comfort of your own home! This list is by no means exhaustive-there is a big wide world out there waiting to be conquered by you and your capital ideas! These wont all suit you, but have a browse and see if any of these give you that shot of inspiration that will shoot you to success.

Start-ups from home

  1. Become an online seller
  2. Sites like eBay are the modern day marketplace. You can buy and sell pretty much anything under the sun (keep it legal, folks!) which means your venture could start anywhere. Many a success story has come out of second hand buying and selling, and you could join them if you play your cards right.

    If you have a small collection of products in your house you never use, or could do with out, start out by trying to sell these. Another alternative would be to invest in large quantities of a particular product and sell these on online for a healthy profit. Another technique is dropshipping, in which you list items for sale that you don’t actually have in inventory and then buy them up from other suppliers (typically wholesalers) for a lower price and then send them out to your customers.

    This is no fools game, so don’t do it half heartedly! The more professional you make your online marketplace appear, the more sales you will achieve. Don’t use stock photos, take photos of your own products, give adequate descriptions etc.

  3. Become a Youtube sensation
  4. This may sound a little comical at first, or maybe you don’t think you are the type that shines on-screen (I’m sure you’re a lot more photogenic than you give yourself credit for). What’s your niche? I bet a lot more people share that niche than you’d think.

    Ok, so maybe you wont be the next Fred, and land a movie deal, but there is a LOT of money to be made in Youtube advertising. Also, once established, brands will come directly to you for you to promote their products on your channel.

    Sometimes this happens overnight, but it can also take years of dedication. This one is a risk as a sole venture but can pay dividends if you manage to break through!

  5. Become a headshot photographer
  6. Being a good photographer takes a lot of practice. However, it is incredibly easy to start and the best way to learn is by being hands on.

    First things first, invest in a camera! Having at least the baseline mid-range quality digital camera will allow you to be taken more seriously when showing people your portfolio. Honing in on one specific style of photography will allow you to set up a niche, and a popular and lucrative avenue would be headshot photography. People pay upwards of £100 a session for headshots, and these can easily take an hour or less. It is important to establish a portfolio to send to potential clients or to display on your website, so ask friends and family to be your test subjects in order to build up work to give the impression that you have experience in the field.

  7. Become a tutor
  8. Certain kids will forever be in need of that little extra curricular help to achieve their grades. Are you particularly proficient in one area of learning? Specialise in, say, mathematics, or act as a overall erudite individual. You can do this from your own home or opt to do it in the homes of the people you are helping tutor.

    Make sure you don’t slack on the details: check out the other competition in the local area and see how they market themselves. Use this basis to find your unique selling point. This is most often late afternoon to evening work but may include weekends too. This is a plus and a minus, as it means you will be able to other ventures alongside it, but you may be giving up the majority of your evenings and weekends which isn’t for everyone.

  9. Become a dog walker/sitter
  10. If you love animals, this is a dream job. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the concept, if you want to make this lucrative you are best to come in well prepared. Do you have a home big enough to hold the dogs in if you need to doggysit them post walk? Do you have a vehicle big enough to house a few animals comfortably?

    If you’re invested in the idea, it may be wise to get yourself a small van and have it fitted with cages so you can walk multiple dogs at once. Make sure you are comfortable looking after multiple pets at the same time- it’s a lot harder holding onto 6 leads at once than one!

    Find clients using old fashioned as well as modern techniques. Put up adverts in your local newsagents, as well as visiting your nearby veterinarians. Advertising on Facebook is also a good idea, as well as establishing yourself on specialist dog-sitting/walking websites.

  11. Sell handcrafted products
  12. Do you have a knack for knitting? Are you the pinnacle of pin makers? Online shops such as Etsy are the perfect place to sell your handcrafted knick-knacks. There may be some commission costs involved from the host site, but they host incredibly successful market places and are the go to shop for people searching for uniquely made goods.

    As with any online shop, ensure you have a clear brand and focus on the presentation of your goods, giving off a professional aura. Utilise social media to promote your products. Visual apps such as Instagram suit themselves to product promotion and are free and easy to set up and navigate.

    If you don’t have a specialised skill yet, learn one or take inspiration from whatever you love! If you’re a film buff, incest in a pin making kit and create film-themed pins and badges. Lear how to make jewellery and start creating personalised bracelets.

  13. Become a blogger
  14. Blogging is as old as the internet and is one of the most popular ways to create the websites that act as the modern-day magazine. Some of the most popular sites have reached extreme levels of success, such as BuzzFeed.

    It is, undeniably, a competitive market. There are millions of blog posts made every day. First things first- establish your brand of blogging! Will you focus on business (maybe publish an articles on business ideas…), beauty, fashion, films. After this make sure you’re familiar with how to guarantee popularity. Look into SEO and the other mechanics of digital and online marketing.

    You’ll need to purchase a domain name and create your website. Many website generators have pre-set layouts, so pick the one that is the most visually appealing and accessible. It is important to pick a design that is compatible and pleasant to read on a mobile phone, too!

  15. Flip website domain names
  16. A good website name is a sought after thing, it can often make and break the success of your site. The good thing about this idea is that it doesn’t cost anything to set-up, the only expenditure will be the domain names. You will find these through sites such as Godaddy, NameCheap and eNom. On these sites you can find potentially popular domain names, or ones that are due to expire that could also be lucrative. Buying expiring domains is called drop catching, and some of these sell for thousands.

    Avoid buying any trademark names as this could force you to resell for low costs or be taken to court. You can, however, buy domains and reach out to companies that you think may be interested. Forums such as AcornDomains and DNForum have both informative posts and marketplaces to buy and sell to other dealers.

  17. Become a copywriter
  18. Copywriting has moved further than just writing for advertising material. In the digital world it now means writing content for advertisers, blogs, business pages etc. Due to the ridiculous amount of websites out there, there are always going to be calls for copywriters to lend a hand in creating written content.

    You need to be a confident writer to do this kind of work. If you’re a little rusty on your grammar skills there is software, such as Grammarly, which can help you through the nitty gritty of commas, hyphens, spelling and more.

    Find a site to list yourself as a copywriter and you will be poached in no time. Once you’re established, get into contact with companies to offer your services.

  19. Resell clothes
  20. Vintage clothes are all the rage in the current era. People are willing to spend big money on the right kind of leather jacket or traditional cowboy shirt. Websites such as Depop allow users to sell their items without paying any commission. eBay is also a good site for this, as well as more specialised vintage stops such as Vinted.

    The best way to do this is to start with your own wardrobe. The next step would be to visit local charity shops and search for branded or particularly vintage looking items as these are more guaranteed a sale.

  21. Sell books
  22. As with many things we own, we often don’t touch them and they sit on our shelves gathering dust for years. What better way to have a clear out than to make it lucrative. Selling your old books on eBay is a great way to make a buck.

    If this proves successful, you can look into buying books second-hand from friends and shops and checking their resell value online through Amazon and eBay. If you’re willing to fork out a little more cash you can subscribe to services that online price match for you to see if the purchases are worth it. Once your company grows you will be able to sell through amazon and even use their warehouses to store and sell your books from.

  23. Become a clown
  24. This might sound like a joke, but there is plenty of money to be made in Kids entertainment. There are very little overheads to a venture like this. First of all you need a good costume. Invest in makeup and craft or purchase a unique suit that will make you stand out from the crowd. Advertising is another place where you might have to dish out a little money, but there are free places to advertise too, such as Facebook and local shops.

    You’ll need to leave home for your events, but you’ll be able to do all the admin from your own home.

  25. Start a cleaning company
  26. All you need to start a cleaning company is motivation and a brush. Maybe get some cleaning products in, too. A venture with small initial overheads, cleaning is a task that, as long as you’re able bodied and willing to get down on your hands and knees, is very viable and worthwhile.

    After getting your equipment, begin by approaching local businesses. Often gyms are looking for cleaners. It is also an idea to approach estate agencies, as they will have properties that have communal halls that require cleaning on a regular basis.

  27. Become a personal trainer
  28. If you’re into fitness, why not make it your job? Being a personal trainer will allow you to remain in good shape whilst on the job, an to bring the joy and motivation to other people whilst you do so.

    Though this is often an outdoor venture, utilising public parks and other spaces, they can also be done in part from home. You can offer online classes through Skype or Zoom calls.

    Try and get your first trainees through friends and family to establish a client base

  29. Become a gardener
  30. Another suggestion for the physically fit, being a gardener means you’ll be outdoors for 90% of the day hearing the sweet sounds of nature and feeling your way through the grains of the earth. It may get a bit chilly in the autumn and winter months so invest in thermal clothing and a good fleece.

    Tools are relatively inexpensive and can be bought in multipacks from local shops and bigger B and Q type stores all over the country. Watch tutorials on Youtube for good gardening techniques. If you’re a little more committed and have the time and or money, it may be advisable to take a shirt course to give you a better grip of the basics you’ll need to offer a professional service.

  31. Become a life coach
  32. In this hectic cutthroat world, sometimes people need a bit of direction and will seek professional guidance to help achieve their life’s aspirations. That’s where you come in.

    You can generalise, but it may be best to develop a niche or a speciality in your life coaching, be it dating, business, health or spirituality. Take a short course and get a certificate to authenticate your venture.

    Once you prove your ability, invest in some insurance, both for your own businesses sake but also to give peace of mind to your clients.

  33. Become a translator
  34. Are you sitting on a second, third or fourth language that you don’t get to utilise in every day life? Now is the time to put that Polish your mother taught you to good use and monetise your knowledge!

    It may be advisable to advertise your self as dealing in a specific trade of translation. Whether its website content, or transcriptions for subtitling, there are many different ways to market your ability. Don’t limit yourself though- be specific but make it clear that you can translate anything under the sun as long as its in a language you understand.

  35. Become a personal chef
  36. Love to cook? Turn it into a money-making scheme. If you’re not already a recipe maker, try collating some of your best dishes and seeing how many variations you can make on the same dish to keep things interesting.

    It is an idea to take some high quality professional looking photos of your products to show potential clients. It is also advisable to approach clients with the knowledge that they may have specific dietary requirements and come in knowing alternative ways of cooking your best dishes that will meet their tastes and needs!

  37. Become a tour guide
  38. This venture suits someone who is familiar with their local area and know it like the back of their hand. Of course, one can attain knowledge on any area with a bit of research, but to truly know an area is to have lived in it and seen it change.

    Do plenty of research to brush up on the history of your local town or city. Look out for fun facts and historical events, as well as any brushes with celebrity culture (people love this stuff the most!)

    To do this cheaply, offer walking tours. This means you won’t have to invest in a mini bus and will have the selling point of seeing the city on foot as lead by a local. It also allows you to open up the tour to many groups of people at once. If your tours grow in size it may be advisable to attain a headset and microphone setup in which you can speak into a mic and provide headphones for each individual walker to ensure they hear every last titbit and anecdote!

  39. Run a food truck
  40. Do you have a passion for cooking? Would you like to work in the hustle and bustle of a busy market? If so, a food truck may be just the ticket for you!

    It is important to establish your cuisine. Make it interesting and consider fusion cuisine, such as Italian tapas, or Korean-inspired pizzas. Make sure to check your local licensing and food regulation laws but finding a spot where you can open it up shouldn’t be too difficult or expensive! Look into pricing at your local markets and see which ones have the most foot traffic in comparison to number of food stalls.

    This is a great starting point for one day opening up your own restaurant.

  41. Start a car wash
  42. Take your cleaning skills to the streets: take a sponge and a bucket full of soapy water and start scrubbing some cars! People care about presentation, especially their cars. If they’ve made an investment on a vehicle they will be willing to spend a small sum to have their car looking sparkly clean every few weeks.

    This is an idea with very small overheads, only investing in cleaning materials and perhaps a splitting of profits with local businesses in order for you to trade from their car parks or forecourts. Check what other similar car wash businesses charge for their different levels of service.

    Location is very important. Pick spots in areas with lots of traffic, but make sure its one where its easy and common for them to make stops!

  43. Start a removal company
  44. People will forever be getting rid of their own junk or moving houses. Many people don’t have access to cars, or if they do, they don’t have nearly enough space to get move all of their belongings.

    First of all you’ll need a van, some driving experience and a good clean record on your driving license. Fuel will be your biggest expenditure so make sure you work that into your pricing on top of your costs of labour.

    Constantly be on the lookout for new customers as you can’t be waiting around for businesses and families to move weekly.

  45. Start a laundry service
  46. Ever heard anyone complain about having to do their laundry? It is a common inconvenience that takes up hours of peoples spare time, so many have taken to getting services to do their washing and drying for them.

    To start a laundry service, you require access to a low expense but large capacity washing machine. You’ll also need to understand the fundamentals about laundry soaps and how to correctly wash specific clothing without damaging them. Start marketing your laundry business by creating and posting leaflets to masses of residential estates. Preferably primarily target block of flats. Once your business is able to expand, consider contacting businesses who need small scale regular laundry services, especially newer businesses who may not have established a provider, or even considered one yet.

  47. Make a babyproofing service
  48. A lot of new parents wont have the time to think about all the little details of new parenting, so they may seek services that will make their time a little easier.

    Babyproofing is an essential for all new parents to consider, so there is always going to be a market for services like these. You’ll need to learn the essentials i.e. softening corners, fixing in stair gates etc.

    Make sure you do your research to find the best quality products for your services, as you don’t want to half heartedly commit.

  49. Become a house painter
  50. This is a niche business but these projects can take a lot longer thsn you might imagine. A good house painting requires a great deal of preparation and proper administration as a shoddy job is very easy to spot. This includes but isn’t limited to: sanding and cleaning surfaces thoroughly.

    Most people hiring house painters are likely to have larger properties and will no doubt be looking for a good job all over so will understandably pay top dollar for a well painted façade.

  51. Start a pet taxi service
  52. Depending on where you live, creating a pet taxi service could be a simple and efficient way of starting a taxiing service. Busy professionals have enough on their plate, so taking their pets to and from vet appointment and grooming sessions is unlikely to be able to fit into their hectic schedules.

    All you really need to start is a vehicle. You also need to create a brand, preferably with a catchy name that serves it purpose but is still memorable. You may have to invest in a larger vehicle if your business succeeds, in order to do multiple services at a time, or to fit larger canines into your car. A few toys wouldn’t go amiss either as you’ve got to keep these pups entertained.

  53. Start a podcast
  54. Podcasting is the new radio, and its popularity has skyrocketed in the past 5 to 10 years. As with many ventures, this is a crowded marketplace, so make sure you’ve got down exactly what you want to do before starting.

    Do some trails first, and start by figuring out your format. Will it be reviews? Interviews? How to instructional podcasts? Whatever it is, ensure you have the right set-up (quality microphones, editing software etc), as well as a general idea on the length of episodes.

    The more listeners you gain, the more likely you are to attract interest from potential advertisers which is naturally the best way to make money off this scheme.

  55. Stock photography
  56. If you’ve got a camera, and a backlog of pictures, you can start making money from stock photography today!

    Websites like Shutterstock will host your images and give you a percentage of a cut every time someone downloads your image from their website. You can start by using old photos, and then arranging photo shoots for types of photography that prove popular on these sorts of websites. Do your research and figure out what brand of images gets downloaded the most and work from there.

    It is possible to start up your own stock image websites too, but it is key to spend some money marketing your website in the right places.

  57. Video Editing Service
  58. If you’ve got the knack for video editing, utilise these skills to help others out. Some people and businesses out there are competent at creating the content but require people to stitch their work together for them: that’s where you come in.

    Try your best to stitch together an example showreel of your editing work. Form bonds with clients and try and build up a portfolio as quickly as possible. You can get some experience by offering to do projects for non-profit organisations.

  59. Rent a room
  60. Got a spare room in your house? Or a space at the bottom of your garden to build a little nook? Then renting out space on your property may be for you.

    Sites like AirBnB are perfect as they allow you to put up your property, or part of your property for rent with ease and safety. You’ll get paid just 24 hours after a check in, which helps you avoid any of the problems or potential swindles that might appear. Some people have successfully made their primary source of income out of using these sites.

  61. Become a painter/decorator
  62. Painting and decorating are indispensable services most people and business owners will necessitate at various points in their time. Although it can prove to be time consuming due to its heavy labour focus, it is a incredibly straightforward idea and is usually well paid. It does however pose itself as a very competitive market due to its low level of necessary qualifications.

    In order to get started you will need some paint brushes, big sheets, paint rollers and essential decorating supplies. You will also need a dependable mode of transportation to effortlessly travel to near and far locations. Furthermore it would be sensible to look into attaining tradesman insurance or a different type of business insurance to safeguard yourself in the event of harm or damage to a property, or an injury of yourself or another party.

  63. Become a carpet cleaner
  64. Becoming a cleaner is one thing but specialising in a specific cleaning trade will increase your chances of being selected for specific projects. Most carpets will need a deep clean every once in a while, whether it is a property that needs a good clean before being resold, or just a regular household that wants a refresh, a hoover just won’t do the job. That’s where you will work your magic. Although it is possible for people to rent a carpet cleaner and do the deed themselves, most will seek out a professional entity to deal with the deep-seated problems.

    It is a simple trade to start, but youll need to put in the money to buy the good quality products in order to do a bang up job. These can be a little pricey, and you need to also take into account chemical costs and other maintenance issues that may arise.

    Customers will range from regular householders to big companies (who often will have large offices and require cleaning on a more regular basis than the standard homeowner).

  65. Become a private investigator
  66. Are you naturally intuitive? Do you love getting to the bottom of a mystery? Then put down your Arthur Conan Doyle’s and be your very own Sherlock! It wont be quite as mysterious or glamorous as in the books and movies, but it will scratch that itch if you’re of the right type of mind. Often, especially if dealing with large businesses, this work will involve extensive background checks and less murder mysteries.

    To follow this path, you’ll need to be licensed or have a history in law enforcement in some respect. Other than this though, there is not too much else to it. Maybe a few pieces of essential equipment and eventually an office to work out of for the discretion of your clients.

  67. Become a proofreader
  68. As good a writer as people think they are, when doing important work they will still potentially require someone to check the nitty gritty of their writing to ensure it is mistake free. A copywriter ensures work follows correct grammar, spelling and other common errors.

    To do this you will have to have a great grasp of the English language in all its facets, from sentence structure to correct usage of grammar and an awareness of spelling. In order to work efficiently and get as much done as possible, you will be required to perform these skills at a quick pace without missing anything out. It is advisable to use an application such as Grammarly in order to ensure you don’t miss a beat.

  69. Become a window cleaner
  70. As long as there are windows, window cleaners will always be in work. Naturally, glass is constantly getting dirty from rain, wind and god knows what else. So if you grab yourself some standard equipment and a nice big ladder you can be on your way to success.

    It is advisable to look into the best techniques for using larger more purpose built equipment (its not quite as simple as a spray and a cloth like at home). It is incredible simple to set-up and just requires a good marketing of oneself and a vehicle to get you to different areas to ensure you can reach enough customers a day to make money.

  71. Become a DJ
  72. If you’re passionate about music this could be the business venture for you. For major events, on the personal and the corporate, there is always going to be a need for someone to be in charge of the music. You can start off with a simple set-up, but it would be beneficial to invest in some decks and do some online tutorials in order to learn how to mix tracks together.

    Start with friends and family and hopefully your business will spread through word of mouth. It is a versatile skill so make sure to market yourself to all different types of events as you can just as easily do a Bar Mitzvah as you can a corporate office Christmas party.

  73. Become a regular car bot salesman
  74. To start of a venture like this all you need is to book a slot at your local car boot sale and bring a load of old bits and bobs you’re looking to get rid of.

    Once you do this for a while, make sure to see what other stalls sell and see what seems to do the best. It is also possible to buy things wholesale and sell them on at car boot sales (check your local boot sale rules just in case they differ on what you’re limited to selling). Its also advisable to invest in a couple of trestle tables to make your things look presentable and easily seen to passers by.

    It’s a hagglers event so don’t be surprised if people try to knock down the prices you put out there- maybe start a little higher and gage whether they’re interested before meeting them at a lower price.

  75. Become a graphic designer
  76. If you are artistically talented you know that its hard to turn that art into profit. Prove your doubting parents wrong and use your artistic abilities to make a buck by entering the industry of graphic design.

    This is work that can easily be done from home and only requires your creative initiative and the right software in order to get the ball rolling. This industry is called upon every day by small firm as and events to large corporate projects. This can range from logo design to magazine layouts.

  77. Become a tattoo artist
  78. Are you good at drawing? Have you got a steady hand? These are the basic skills required to become a tattoo artist.

    You don’t have to rent out a whole place either, as many tattoo studios have spaces in them to rent to individuals. You can advertise your work on social media, like Instagram, where many people have developed a massive following and have people come from all over the world just to get their designs!

    It is hard work though, being an artistic craft that you have to perfect over time. Begin by practicing stick and pokes and then invest in a tattoo gun to really get started.

  79. Build an extension for Google
  80. If you are a tech-head individual, you can monetise your talents by generating an extension for Google Chrome. Chrome extensions tailor the browsing experience for their users and provide ‘add-ons’ that enable people to create a customised interface when using the internet. Google likes new ones because it creates a more complex interface and gives them an edge on the competition.

    One of the most popular extensions is a form of Ad blocker – if you seek out and download this application it is added to your Chrome taskbar and it prevents pop-up ads from disturbing your browsing experience. When you have created your extension, you can sell it directly on the store made available by Google.

    There are many, many extensions so make sure you come up with a unique selling point to get ahead of the competition. Keep it general enough to appeal to the masses, though!

  81. Start a dietary recipe website
  82. With the popularity of veganism, gluten-free consumption and general healthy eating people are constantly searching the web for specialised recipes.

    A good idea is to take old favourites and adapt them to fit different dietary requirements. Keep your finger on the pulse by seeing what the current fads are: is quinoa in? is it the season of beetroot? Is meat free Mondays kicking off?

    It is important to accompany your recipes with large bodies of text to get better ad revenue, and include high grade pictures in order to make your recipes look especially appealing.

  83. Start a CV/ cover letter writing service
  84. Part of the pain of looking for a job starts at sorting out your CV. Where do you place education in relation to work experience? Do you need to put your hobbies and interests on there? Most people don’t know where to start and will happily fork out a little money to get someone to do the hard work for them.

    Many people will want slightly different versions of their CV to suit different types of jobs. As a unique selling point, offer to tailor CVs to multiple types of job sectors in order to maximise your clients chances of success.

  85. Become an online dating expert
  86. The dating world is tough. Many people struggle at the first hurdle: getting a date. If you’re a confident individual who knows people and how they operate, you can utilise your expertise by customising peoples dating profiles and give them tips and tricks.

    The online dating scene has sky-rocketed in the past 10 years and is an increasingly common way for people to meet partners. The target audience ranges through the whole sphere of adults so your potential client base couldn’t be any bigger. You can offer these consultations over the phone, video calls or emails (maybe even live chats for those in more urgent situations!)

  87. Make an app
  88. If you have attained specific experience in app design and developing you utilise these skills to create your own app. If you don’t have these skills, bring your app idea to potential developers and eventually run your own app.

    Make sure you research your market intently and condense your idea down to a sellable pitch. After this work out your marketing strategies and work in conjunction with developers to best figure out how to design the ins and outs of your product. Pay special attention to your branding. In a crowded market it is essential to stand out with sleek design and a pretty eye catching logo.

  89. Teach a language
  90. If you speak a second language you can utilise this to become a tutor from your own home. Many people have the gift of knowing multiple languages but are at a loss as to how to utilise them, but this remains one of the simplest ways of doing so.

    If you’ve never really utilised your language abilities, make sure to brush up on the best ways of teaching grammars to newbies. Once you build up your confidence start by tutoing younger kids and then move onto teaching adults.

  91. Become a driving instructor
  92. Are you a good driver with a clean license? Do you have the patience to teach people new skills? If so, then being a driving instructor could be your dream job.

    First things first, you’ll need to obtain a driving instructors license, a process you can follow through on Once you’ve sorted this and gotten the qualifications you will need to obtain a car and at under a catchy business name. It is advisable to get vinyl stickering on your car to advertise on the road as you go!

  93. Become a ghostwriter
  94. Celebrities and other high society figures are the principal utilisers of ghostwriters. Their responsibilities can range from smaller items like articles all the way to entire books. People require the service of ghostwriters when they are under time constraints, or lack the writing aptitude to create the work on their own. Ghostwriters will produce work under their clients name which means you wont get credit for your work. However, once you’re established you can make a name for yourself in these circles and be sought after in the industry.

    You can choose whether to charge your clients per word, project or hours spent writing. The more experience you get the more you will be able to charge, and once you are established you can make hefty sums for individual projects. It also works as good practice if you’re a creative who wants to give writing a go before committing to your own passion project!

  95. Become a personal shopper
  96. A personal shopper is somebody who shops for other people. Yes, this is a job where you get to shop all day long. Personal shoppers can shop for anything and everything depending on their clients needs: food shopping, furniture, clothing etc. Some high end stores hire personal shoppers for their customers but you can also work directly for a client, as long as you know where get them!

    Only enter this if you have a passion for fashion! Learn what the hot trends are, what’s in this summer and what’s not. Do practice runs on friends and family. Utilise them to have a go at doing some photography to show off your skills. If going down the clothes route, make sure to utilise people of all different shapes and sizes to show your diversity in skill.

  97. Become a hairdresser
  98. A job as old as time and one that will never go out of fashion, becoming a hairdresser is a sure fire way to guarantee yourself work for life.

    There are a few different ways of getting into the industry, but a popular way is to seek out an internship or apprenticeship, either at a college or at a hairdressers/hairdressing academy. In a few months you can learn the basics, and once you have attained a qualification you can get going on setting up your own client base.

    A word-of-mouth industry if ever there was one, make sure to keep your clients happy and remain talkative and personable at all times (this is a great job for a people person!). Once established you can even run this venture from your own home and have clients come to you. Alternatively you can set up a small shop that you can grow over time and increase staff numbers once you’ve proved to be successful.

  99. Start a small advertising agency
  100. Small businesses require advertising in order to establish themselves in the oversaturated markets. But the nature of small businesses means that often, they don’t have the assets or the capability to do this within their own company structure. This is where you come into the picture.

    The starting costs of such a business are relatively low. Previous experience in the field would be extremely beneficial to your success. From here all you require is an editing software such as photoshop in order to get started. It is best to head in the direction of small businesses to market yourselves, as you will be offering prices and services that match these small scale operations that wont interest big business until your company grows.

  101. Motivational speaker
  102. Have you had an eventful life? Do you have wisdom that you could bestow onto others? Being a motivational speaker will allow you to monetise your experiences and pass on your knowledge to others.

    The way to get clients depends on your area of expertise. If you are a business mogul, you may want to contact business departments of universities. Gain public speaking skills by testing in front of friends or take a short course that will give you the boost you need to succeed. Look for networking events in your local area to try and make the contacts you’ll need to establish yourself.

  103. Sell Upcycled Furniture
  104. If you can spot potential from a mile away, even a beaten up old fashioned chair can turn into a boutique gem. Visiting second-hand furniture shops will allow you to spot furniture that could simply need a lick of paint or a complete reupholstery. This would be good venture for someone who is good with their hands, as it will require a lot of tactility, in sanding wood, painting and dealing with delicate items.

    Try and get the furniture at bargain prices to ensure big profits. People who can afford specialist furniture will pay good money for the unique items that you can offer. Sell these newly furnished items on specialist online websites or more broad ones like eBay. Of it proves successful you may in time be able to open up your own store of boutique individual goods.

  105. Start building bikes
  106. We are in an era where bikes are seeing a revitalisation and in this current moment it is a great time to get into the industry of bike construction. As soon as you have got the basic parts and a robust bike frame you can bring these together and create a serious profit on your original spend. Think about offering custom built bicycles as a way to create a unique selling point.

    The trickiest part is getting a hold of low price good quality products to work with. Your best bet would be to get these at wholesale prices, and other discount shops. Have a look at some Youtube tutorial videos to get a better idea as to how to construct a distinctive bicycle and to gage the sorts of tools you will need to complete the job.

  107. Become a travel planner
  108. If you love to travel and have a lot of experience in exploring the sites of the world, becoming a travel planner could be a fruitful avenue for you. Its always great to start with your passion and see if you can figure out an idea from there!

    As much as everyone loves to holiday, some people hate hate hate the stress of organising trips. Utilise your nomadic experience and help guide tourists to new destinations and alleviate their stress by figuring their best routes and stops along the way.

    Utilise content marketing to differentiate yourself as an expert on specific destinations if you are particularly familiar with any regions, or a mode of travel you are experienced in such as backpacking or train-travel.

  109. Become a candlemaker
  110. Scrap being a butcher or a baker and get into making candles! Though believed to be a commodity candles can allow you to express artistic creativity along the way. The best way to start is to get the right ingredients and experiment with different scents and shapes and see which work best.

    The profitability of expenditure over profit in candle making is very high. The materials are not to pricey but, as with any business, make sure you have enough time to dedicate yourself to the venture. Think about speciality candles and see if there is a gap in the market you can fill, in that of a unique scent or shape.

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