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Business Leaders Must Walk the Talk to be Truly Effective



One of the responsibilities business leaders take on is promoting company goals and ensuring that organisational policies and procedures are adhered to. However, it is not enough to simply talk the talk. Employees look at the examples set by management for guidance when it comes to their behaviour in the workplace and as a representative of the company. Clients, investors and other stakeholders also consider the way business leaders model themselves when deciding whether to work with a company. In the past, business leaders might have been able to get away with deviating from their own policies. The advent of social media however, makes that impossible today. Everyone knows where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with. Therefore, practicing what you preach is more important than ever.

When business leaders are caught contravening their own policies, their reputation and leadership capabilities are called into question. To retain their voice and effectiveness as a leader, employers and managers must ensure that their personal values and beliefs align with the vision and mission of the company they represent. You can only put an idea into practice when you believe in it. Business leaders should clearly communicate what changes in routines, procedures and behaviour they want to see and they should model the image they want their employees to present. This helps to enhance employees understanding of the changes communicated and emphasises your commitment as the leader of the team to the changes you want to see within your organisation. Following the same protocols outlined for your employees ensures that you are seen as an effective leader of a unified team, rather than someone who takes advantage of their position to serve their own purposes.

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