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Driving Customer and Employee Engagement



Many companies are discovering that successful employee and customer engagement can lead to increased profits. In the past, solution providers have created software to focus on both sides separately, but they now believe employees and customers are directly linked. For instance, employees in call centres and shops often identify customer trends as they happen. Effectively engaged employees result in improved customer analysis and positive increases in performance. Combining the Voices of Customers and Employees (VoCE) is clearly a future strategy.

Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Accurately assessing customer feedback is difficult with purchase data and email addresses, but for companies who don’t have such information it’s an impossible task. This is precisely where engaged employees in shops can improve customer relations by perhaps enquiring why a purchase wasn’t made.

Engaged employees can obtain daily feedback from multiple customers and easily identify recurrent problems. It enables issues to be resolved quickly.

Some customers who view their shopping experience as unsatisfactory, often never complain to the company, preferring instead to vent their feelings on social media or to their friends. Employees who are not able to resolve a crisis should be encouraged to record incidents on smartphones, enabling managers to gain a clear insight later on.

Successful VoCE Programmes

Integrated VoCE strategies should become standard features in every company. Establishing convenient mobile or web-based connections for employees to quickly transfer their analytical surveys is an essential part of VoCE success. By incorporating customer and employee feedback with other data, companies can gain a deeper understanding of their businesses. Providing employees with the results of their assistance alongside a reward scheme is a successful strategy of driving customer and employee engagement to increase business performance and profit.

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