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How a New Executive Role can Change the Worker Experience



Businesses that provide personalised customer satisfaction find repeat visits help to make their companies flourish. However, businesses must first effectively engage their employees to provide customers with excellent service, if they can decide which department is responsible for motivating employees.

Human Resources?

48% of companies believed direct line managers have responsibility for employee experience programmes. 11% thought it to be the role of Human Resources although this is actually the department with the ultimate responsibility. 74% of businesses fail to invest in such schemes due to the unclear responsibility of managers, HR or IT. This lack of coordination requires a Chief WX Officer (CWXO) to be installed to supervise worker management programmes.

Investing in Worker Experience

The majority of businesses fail to account for WX programmes in their budgets. Under half of those businesses participating in recent surveys allocated any investment in employee productivity and award schemes, technology involvement or career planning. Ignoring investment in WX programmes will cause businesses to decline, a situation many managers actually acknowledge. At least 70% believed that failing to improve the experience of their employees would seriously limit their success in recruiting and retaining the best staff, damaging employee productivity and customer service.

Role of Chief Worker Experience Officer

Company managers frequently fail to understand the needs of employees. Installing a CWXO can reveal that engaged employees feel motivated if they consider their efforts are rewarded as companies become more successful. A successful WX programme needs to implement a dedicated programme of surveys and interviews to find out how employees view their roles within a company. Investing in worker experience in conjunction with customer satisfaction can only lead to greater business success.

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