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Lack of Parking Spaces Pushing Employees to Leave



Some fascinating facts have recently emerged regarding the difficulties of inadequate parking spaces at work. 72% of office workers felt the situation caused such anxiety they planned to look for another job where the parking facilities might be more suitable. However, many multi-storey office blocks in the city centre typically have more than 1,200 staff, but only enough parking spaces for 300. Business parks located in the countryside have similar problems as green belt policies understandably restrict an excessive use of land. As a result, parking spaces are heavily outnumbered by workers.


Much of the stress occurs on a daily basis as workers compete with each other to park their cars. Some try to outwit their colleagues by arriving half an hour earlier to ensure they are first in the queue. Those who miss out are regularly forced to find spaces in the local area that can often be up to a mile away, leaving them with a long walk and a reprimand for arriving late. 54% thought the situation was endangering their chances of promotion.


26% believed that arguing about parking spaces and incidents such as blocking in each other’s cars seriously damaged working relationships. Tensions over insurance claims affect around 24% of workers who accidentally damage a colleague’s car while manoeuvring in cramped, overcrowded car parks. Another bone of contention is risking going out in the car for lunch only to return and find someone else has taken the vacant space. Continuous feuding over such incidents prompted many to feel uncomfortable enough to leave their jobs. Public transport and car sharing can help, but one creative solution could be renting an unused residential driveway not far from the office.

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