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5 Mobile Security Threats Your CIO Needs to Know



1. Outdated technologies

The technology industry is one of those sectors that go through a lot of changes by the day. Sadly, the development of the industry results in increased risks of cyber-attacks that result in the crippling of businesses. The computing element in enterprises is going through an evolution. The evolution will see the upgrades and updates of becoming simpler. However, the only way that companies will be able to take advantage of the useful advancements is if they get rid of their outdated hardware and systems. Doing so can be overwhelming as it is complicated and consumes a lot of time. It is also quite expensive. However, without these updates, companies risk the chance of cyberattacks.

2. The insecurity of the Internet of Things

Through the Internet of Things, more devices are connected. This is one of the most popular applications of the internet around the globe. However, there is a lot of insecurity involved; for instance, an increase in the number of devices that are connected results in the creation of entry-points for hackers and cyber-criminals. Therefore, organizations have to create an infrastructure that helps to prohibit access to unauthorized persons.

3. Devices that are Uncompromised

Around 11% of the companies in the world have uncompromised devices. These are those devices that are either jailbroken or rooted. The devices provide access to the company’s data. This is a clear danger that can only be addressed by ensuring that all compliance policies for devices are enforced without failure. Device and app verification can also help to maintain the protection of enterprise services.

4. Changing security regulations and standards

Standards for securities are being codified into the law in different parts of the globe. This has resulted in a shift from compliance on paper to the actual practice. Implementation of these regulations helps organizations to keep business and personal data separately hence reducing issues of cyber theft.

5. Mobile-to-cloud security

As the mobile-cloud technology industry keeps going through changes, the need for companies to reevaluate their approach to security increases. The changes in technology have resulted in traditional security approaches becoming obsolete. Failure to comply with the changes will result in increased risks of data security.

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