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Corporate Culture is One of the Biggest Obstacles to Digital Transformation



Research for the Digital Culture Challenge survey of 2017 has revealed 62% of participants believe that transforming businesses into digital companies is being harmed by corporate culture. It is a situation that has actually deteriorated in the last six years by 7%.

Digital versus Non-Digital

There is a difference of opinion between 40% of executives who view their companies as digital and 73% of employees who don’t. Through topics such as a digital mind-set, customer centricity and innovation, assessments in the survey established the reasons for such different views. They include management’s failure to provide clear digital goals and absent role models for digital transition. It demonstrates how companies must inspire their entire workforce to benefit from the advantages of improved growth and customer relationships through becoming digital businesses.


While up to 75% of managers believed their companies to be innovative, 93% of employees disagreed. Similarly, 85% of executives thought their companies promoted effective collaboration, but 51% of employees disagreed. When analysing business digitalisation strategies, only 37% of employees believed there was an effective strategy compared to management’s 62%. Employees are an important part of any strategy for digitalisation yet as the survey indicates, corporate executives are alienating their workforce. 83% of businesses with a progressive digital culture, view creativity as a favourable quality amongst new recruits while only 29% of reluctant digital companies agreed.

Digital Collaboration

To successfully implement a digital culture, businesses must empower all employees, make an investment in digital skills and define a clear strategy for digitalisation. Technology is influencing market forces and behaviour and it is only through effective collaboration of their workforces that companies can hope to achieve success.

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