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Mobile security threats cause CEOs to be concerned



The advantages of keeping workers always communicating are apparent. That being said, it is a big challenge for company security personnel, who must make sure that the customer does not have continuous access to the data from any place. Ninety-two percent state that, according to the last security software study from the iPass, they are worried about the security threats raised by rising mobile workers.

Interestingly, 40 percent pointed to client CEOS being the most considerable security risk. As Raghu Konka of iPass says, CEO’s are the “highly desirable and extremely accessible” mix, as they often work outside the office for several hours and also have unlimited access to the most confidential company details.

The dangers of WiFi communication are further echoed in the study’s key findings. In reality, mobile security can pose the greatest threat. This is the critical concern of 37% of those surveyed just ahead of the shortage of jobs (36%). In phone security, 78% perceive cafes as the number one public enemy before airports & hotels. With this high-risk factor, more than two-thirty corporations, to some degree, prohibited public wireless Internet use, and a third banned it.

How Can We Combine Mobility and Security?

Many companies issue their employees with private virtual networks (VPNs), which ensure safe communications, providing an encrypted link that enables them to access business systems like the server, for example, remotely. But only 26% of security administrators trust that mobile workers will have access to business systems via a VPN at a particular time.

Training in free safety is essential in this situation. Staff members, as well as CEOs, should know that steps like only utilizing VPN, surfing only on protected websites on public Internet access will prevent unnecessary threats, keep phones up-to-date on all occasions, and also be careful to react to questionable messages.

Sadly, as stated in the study, employee security surveillance is still consistent. Therefore, above and above the fundamental security guidelines, it is essential to provide a sophisticated cybersecurity approach such as Proactive Protection, which detects an attack on your networks and prevents it until it begins.

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