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Ransomware on the Rise: How to Prevent an Attack



Cyber threats have become a bigger threat to companies than they were before. Companies should, therefore, relook at their cybersecurity to ensure effectiveness. At least 54% of the organisations in the UK have faced a random ransomware attack.

Hackers are disrupting operations and extorting money; therefore, businesses are concerned about the possible loss of productivity more than anything else. It roughly takes more than thirty-three hours to fix the problem, and the financial losses are greater than the demanded ransom.

Understanding What a Ransomware Is

Ransomware is a malicious software, which illegally attempts to source for money from a user of a computer or an organisation by blocking access and infecting systems. Encrypting files and documents on the victim’s computer is the main way that hackers release malicious software and later demand money to decrypt.

How to Prevent an Attack

Cybercriminals are getting creative by day, hence making ransomware attacks to be on the rise. You need to create a layered approach to ensure maximum protection. This entails:

  • Ensuring that all your entry points are secure
  • Monitoring web traffic and block all sites that appear malicious
  • Scanning emails and email attachments for possible phishing attempts
  • Blocking access to certain websites which users should not have access to
  • Educating employees about ransomware to enable them to be vigilant
  • Ensuring that scanning of USB devices takes place before using them.

This layered approach has proven effective in stopping attacks at the gateway level. You should be keen on stopping the attack at this level to ensure that the attacks do not happen. If you already have the best technology and solutions practices, look to add improved solutions to the already existing ones.

Investing in thorough cybersecurity training for employees will reduce the chances of attacks. The layered approach is also a proven effective method of lowering attacks at the gateway level. Remember to be vigilant to minimize the chances of attack.

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