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Why Video Messages Should Replace ‘All-Hands’ Team Meetings



The most appropriate outcome of the all-hands meeting is that of a given department having all members attend. Sometimes, those who attend to perceive it as useless, unnecessary, and distracting. However, everyone still does it. I have participated in so many of these meetings, but I have not seen the real value in this immensely technological world. As the person in charge of the global company revenue as well as leading the salespeople working from the UK, US, Australia, Europe, Singapore, among other nations, I have experienced how difficulty such meetings can be in arrangement and justification.

When you think soberly, the logistic of combining over five people for a meeting is almost impossible. To make it worse, these people may be operating from different time zones. On the same note, it is always difficult to communicate all the content that matters to all people in attendance. Most international salespeople working in markets have varying experiences. Most salespeople in the UK and US have a great experience than those from Asia-Pacific. Therefore the message intended to reach a group of all the salespeople will not apply to all.

Our team at Bullhornhas tried made attempts to alter the design to cover the all-hand meeting to make one palatable and convenient form for all types of listeners, but nothing seems to work. Finally, we realized the most preferred way to communicate with staff could be doing away with meetings altogether and come up with a new way to convey the message. We learned that workforce below 25 could get all the information in a 20second video on Facebook live, Snapchat video, Instagram moments, YouTube, among other social platforms. After using the video message, I realized that they are a better way to express yourself. They are also more productive and more efficient.

Sharper Dialogue

Technology has helped to improve the effectiveness with which companies share information. For instance, Bullhorn is using Google Hangouts and Slack to pass information better. Therefore, with Bullhorn, video messaging could be the most effective next step. Video messaging makes it easy for executives to motivate salespeople who rarely get in touch with the management.

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