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CEO Talent Management 2015



A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring the daily progression of a business flows smoothly. Part of a CEO’s duties include managing the talent within the company to its most efficient and productive limits. In a recent report from PwC, 61% of CEO’s believed that the biggest challenge of any business during the next half of the decade had now become the management of skills within its workforce.


Today’s employees working in any of the major industries can no longer expect to have the stable work schedules of previous generations. With digitalisation, robotics and automation infiltrating so many business processes, every worker needs to display a flexibility and extended knowledge beyond his or her specific role. A CEO must also acquire the appropriate skills to effectively manage the talent within a company. There is a greater emphasis than ever before on a business developing a core strategy of teamwork. Appointing new staff who can become an effective part of an interactive team of workers, is a crucial part of a CEO’s management skills.


As businesses strive to keep ahead of their competitors by investing in new technology, many are also realising they must come to terms with managing the skills of their workers. Although the transformation to digitalisation might not begin to be fully realised until the next decade, innovative CEOs are already planning ahead. Most of the skills that will be needed won’t be available in sufficient quantities from outside sources, so the most logical solution is to promote in house talent. Taking the steps to invest in effective training schemes before the transformation occurs will help businesses to ensure everyone has developed the skills to meet the challenges ahead.

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