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Companies Urged to Do More to Improve the Wellbeing of Junior Staff



Happiness in the workplace can have a huge impact not only on the performance and productivity of individual employees, but also on the profitability of the company. Furthermore, job dissatisfaction, hostile work environments and stress can affect employees mental and physical health and may also increase the employee turnover rate. Promoting mental wellbeing should therefore be at the forefront of organisational goals.

However, workplace surveys have shown that junior employees are some of the unhappiest members of staff and that they often feel underpaid, overworked, unfulfilled and unchallenged in their roles. Furthermore, many junior staff feel that taking sick leave or time off for family and dependants reflects negatively upon them and could be held against them and affect their opportunities for growth and development within the company.

How can companies improve the wellbeing of staff?

There are a number of ways companies can improve the wellbeing of their staff. At the most basic level, companies can ensure that their staff are paid a fair wage. Some of the most profitable companies are those that were paying their staff the National Living Wage before it became compulsory. Where possible, flexible working and remote working should be allowed. Not only does flexible working increase the happiness of employees, it also encourages greater productivity and creativity.

Additionally, companies can simultaneously improve the wellbeing and productivity of junior staff by simply giving credit where it is due. No one wants to feel like a cog in the machine but often, the individual accomplishments of junior staff are glossed over and credited to their managers, department or the company as a whole. Companies can also improve employee wellness by creating opportunities for learning and development among junior staff.

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