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Demand for Interim Accountants up 57% After Brexit Vote



Reports from the Global Accounting Network show that between Mach 2016 and February 2017 just after the Brexit vote, the demand for qualified accountants to work on a contract or interim basis within the commercial and industrial sector rose to a staggering 57%, as most firms are looking to acquire senior expertise without any commitment of permanent headcount costs.

Mr. Mark Harris Interim management and the Executive search specialist at the Global Accounting Network, commented by saying that it’s only in recent months, where the sector has experienced a real boom in the demand for top senior accounting professionals working in-house, or on a project basis, although the use of interims used in accountancy by firms to cover their long term absence at years end or get over the finish line has been the norm for a long time.

Mr. Mark added on his statement by attributing the rise to possible external factors such as the Brexit, or some associated need of simply bringing specialist experts on board, which was also coupled by a deliberate reluctance of firms in hiring permanently.

From his perspective as an employer, Mr. Mark Harris reiterated that an investment on experienced interims, rather than going the consultancy way would offer quicker access to experienced professionals with the knowledge of getting results. With changing times or in an event during a permanent freeze in headcount, the value and insight that interims offer either in cost-saving, restructuring or relocation is simply invaluable.

He added in his closing statement by saying that accounting professionals choosing to work on a contract or interim basis continue to do so, because of the vast variety of the work offer, and the flexibility, as well as the attractive remuneration, offered in the contractual arrangements in place between them and the employers.

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