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Emerging Talent: on the Cusp of Transformation



One of senior management’s biggest challenges is recruiting new employees with outstanding talent. The 2017 report from the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends revealed that 87% of participants from the UK thought it challenging to locate suitable recruits. It is an increasing trend that is encouraging businesses to abandon their searches amongst university graduates in favour of promoting the emerging talent of their existing employees.


Approximately 75% of businesses are currently planning to develop in house talent during 2017 while 63% intend to utilise media technology. Such figures indicate increases of 23% and 17% respectively from 2016. The emergence of innovative apprenticeship schemes has clearly influenced managerial strategies in seeking an alternative to recruiting university graduates. Many companies are currently restructuring their in house recruitment arrangements and are also seeking to create interest in their industries in schools and colleges to ensure optimal success for the development of new talent.

Online Recruitment

Creating a strong online presence is necessary to showcase a company’s value to new recruits, particularly as every industry can benefit from the essential digital skills that Generation Z and Millennials often display. Successful recruitment is beginning to rely on integrated strategies for virtual reality assessment programmes and a selection process that is entirely automated. Mobile optimisation of applications is vital in attracting younger employees who are so reliant on smartphones.


According to recent research, Millennials feel they have the luxury of choosing employers who can offer jobs to match their ambitions rather than waiting to be chosen. Values Millennials appreciate include CSR and a viable structure for personal development. These are factors that companies are having to implement in order to attract the most promising talent.

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