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Office Environment is Key for more than Half of Job Hunters



It is known that people work for money and benefits: but there is a surprising factor that affects whether more than half of the workforce would ever accept a job in the first place. When you calculate that the average UK worker spends a quarter of their lives at work – around 2,080 hours each year – then it might begin to make more sense. The workplace premises – appearance, venue and cleanliness – plays a much larger part in a candidate’s decision to accept or decline a job than was previously thought.

The study, undertaken by Furniture 123 – a UK online retailer, looked at the answers given by 1014 workers and found that workplace premises factors played differing roles in forming the would-be employee’s opinion:

Location 50%

The workplace must be easy to get to – and home from – and should have good access to transport links, amenities and even decent eateries where they can go for lunch.

Outdated décor 41%

Drab, old-fashioned décor can be taken as a sign of penny-pinching or austerity. Or even worse, a lack of funds to provide a modern airy workplace.

Lack of natural light 38%

Human beings crave sunlight (or at least daylight!) and access to large clean windows immediately makes a workplace more appealing.

Dirty or unhygienic 32%

Surprisingly, just under one third of respondents said that a grimy unkept workplace would put them off working for a business

Broken furniture 32%

Much as with outdated décor, broken furniture can be a sign of deeper problems within the company – plus it is potentially harmful for employees to have to use furniture that is in poor repair.

When thinking about a recruitment drive, bear in mind that it is more than the pay grade and benefits that will gain you the best candidates for the job! Pay close attention to your premises and while you cannot help it if there are no trendy eateries nearby, you can at least provide safe and sturdy furniture, clean airy offices, and have the offices repainted on a regular basis!

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