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Why UK Marketers Are Not Able to Spend Majority of Their Day Focused on Work



Recent analytics revealed that UK marketers are only devoting 36% of their working day to performing their primary duties. Distractions are cited as 62% of their time spent trawling e-mails and 64% wasted in unproductive meetings. At least 27% of those involved were impatient to return to their main work. 73% expressed dissatisfaction with having to work overtime. However, as automation is gradually introduced to perform repetitive tasks, marketers will be able to concentrate on their prime workloads. Automation can be seen as a vital tool that enables business teams to become more interactive, creative and increasingly efficient.


Analysis also reveals there is much for UK marketers to be contented with. Interaction between colleagues received a score of 72%, resulting in a positive endorsement of 80% citing their workspace as a pleasant place to be. Even relationships with management scored highly with a massive 89% of marketers believing they could communicate effectively with executives. As a result, 79% felt their work was creatively empowering.

Daily Schedules

Data from the UK Marketing State of Work 2016 survey revealed many interesting facts on how marketers thought their working day could be improved. 23% would prefer work processes to become more efficient while 20% considered colleagues with superior qualifications would be beneficial. 29% craved some peace and quiet to work without interruptions. Such is their determination to get on with their work that 57% prefer to ignore the traditional hour long lunch break. 27% spent only fifteen minutes on lunch while 36% worked all the way through without a break. However, 60% of marketers believe that working remotely from home will become a future strategy of many businesses.

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