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Want to Boost Productivity? Look to Your Working Environment



No matter how well an employee works on any given day, they are still human. External factors can affect performance as much as individual skillsets. Neglecting these factors will only lead to eventual burnout or lack of motivation from your team. By looking out for employee wellness and ensuring they have the right working environment, you can help them consistently access their full potential, thereby enhancing productivity and ultimately benefitting your business. With this in mind, here are some ideas to consider when organising a workspace.


Often, offices are thought of as grey and dreary environments that employees simply have to put up with. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Ensuring you have a nearby break room and separate lounge area are just two ideas for helping employees unwind from a hard task away from their desks, while a well-lit environment will naturally help people feel more upbeat about work.


There is truth to the idea that a room free of clutter in turn helps one keep a clear mind. By keeping a clear workspace you tell your employees you are an organised person – inspiring confidence and encouraging others to adopt the same habit. It can be as simple as using Cloud storage rather than having documents take up desk space.


Another way of combating that grey office stereotype is a nice lick of paint. You don’t have to go overboard with brightness (this can, after all, actually put more people off) but a lighter colour about the place goes some way to making people look forward to arriving at work and feel comfortable spending time there.


Keeping plants on your desk, or at least within view, is known to promote relaxation and even cleaner air quality. They can be a vital companion during highly stressful tasks.


Temperature regulation is very important for maintaining productivity. If an employee is too hot or too cold, that’s something taking up mental energy over their work, and will lead to lapses in concentration when they could otherwise be coming up with great ideas or finishing vital tasks. These are good starting points, but feel free to get creative in how you can provide an environment that boosts both employee morale and productivity

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