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Technology Predictions for 2017



Predicting the impending is more of an art than science, but it is always an exciting exercise to participate in as the New Year approaches. After the end of a challenging but interesting technological year, here are the technology predictions for 2017.

1. Criminals and Hackers Will Be Smarter

According to Intel Security, previously McAfee, there were about 707 million cybersecurity attacks in 2015. And in early 2016, there were 554 million breaches. This year, hackers will learn how to use artificial intelligence (AI) to automate their account attacks even faster.

2. Software Purchase Increases, Hardware Purchase Decrease

Spending on software infrastructure will increase as more features are made available “as a service” via cloud providers. Simultaneously, hardware spending will decline, due to an upsurge in off-site services and also because of increased preference for low-cost, basic hardware such as storage space and servers over customized hardware solutions. This is a development that will continue in 2017.

3. Blockchain will be More Than Just Cryptocurrency Payments

If there was an innovative technology as of 2016, it was the blockchain: the smart accounting technology that was vital to the growth of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and a variety of new fintech platforms and startups.

However, more experts are concluding that blockchain technology might be beneficial in a way that goes beyond cryptocurrencies or fintech.

4. People Will Use More Time in the Virtual World than Actual World

Last year, many people tried virtual reality, with technically advanced headsets for the mass market coming up as consumer devices from various constructors, for the initial time. Although virtual reality has become increasingly popular in the industry in recent years, its use has been mainly limited to big companies with a budget to create custom software and systems. With the availability of devices for the mass market and an increasing number of open-source software with which users can design their realities and worlds, their application area – and that of augmented reality – will expand considerably in 2017.

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