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The technological transformation of traditional real-estate

Technology is fast changing the spaces in which businesses operate. Fuelled by greater connectivity and increased automation, office spaces will see significant change in the coming years. Businesses need to understand these forces, or risk being left behind. Building usage data, for example, will help businesses optimise the use of their premises. Through the proliferation of sensor systems, the aim of this next generation of Building Management Systems is to increase staff productivity by improving the cooperation and collaboration between staff that drives the success of any business.

There will be as much change outside of the building as there will be inside. Technology has allowed more workers the flexibility to work from home, and this flexibility is something even more will come to view as essential. Rather than a fixed space for all employees every day, companies of the future will be more decentralised with co-working spaces being the norm for around a third. Unlike many corporate monoliths at present, these spaces will focus on the needs of its individual users not only to increase productivity, but also to attract and keep the best talent.

Future-proof your ability to succeed

All of this depends on fast and resilient connectivity. The outsourcing of traditional infrastructure and ways of working to the cloud means businesses must be leaner, more agile. If a relocation is looming, increasing building connectivity should be close to the top of any executives list of concerns as robust real estate underpins a company’s ability to take competitive advantage in a fast-moving future. It’s not enough to understand the technological disruption that is coming; a business has to be ready to benefit from it. The intelligent management of the spaces and times in which work is done will be a key to future success. If your business isn’t doing it now, your competitors eventually will be.

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