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The Real Cost of Connecting Mobile Workers: The Devil Is in the Detail



The use of mobile devices amongst professional workers is increasing with an estimated 40% of the workforce regarding them as standard equipment by 2020. The Mobile Connectivity Cost Index of 2016 cites an average usage of 6GB per worker every month. Together with connection charges, businesses are paying around £2.19 billion each year for their professionals’ mobiles, whether they are used for work or recreation.

Increase in Data

Data usage has increased rapidly due to innovative facilities such as Cloud applications, high resolution e-mail attachments and WiFi with voice over. Up to 50% of a professional’s data is consumed by meetings conducted via Skype. Add web conferencing tools and larger screen sizes and it’s easy to see why businesses have such high costs to meet.

Connectivity Choices

A variety of connectivity choices can supply a professional’s data. Expensive cellular connections are only viable if a mobile isn’t used often or if its owner never travels abroad where charges are extortionate. Impromptu rates for WiFi can be far from cost-effective. Mobile costs for professionals using WiFi in hotels, in-flight or at airports currently costs companies up to £148 a month for each professional. Although WiFi can be free to use in many locations, working time can be lost searching for it. As a public network, it’s totally unsuitable due to security issues, regardless of its limitations in timed usage or large file transfer.

Future Connectivity

To survive the spiralling expenses, businesses need to introduce measures that keep them informed of how their professionals are using data and connections. In return, they need to devise a satisfactory system that provides cost-effective connectivity that is reliable and secure.

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