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CIO Wish List for 2018s Subscription Economy



Well, and indeed, with the holiday season, it can often be a battle to figure out the perfect gifts for those on this list. Nothing else is the CIO! What will the person who owes the creative burden in his organization?

Because data CIO can be better than gold (frankincense or myrrh), it should be included in every CIO wish list in 2018 to decide where investment in data analytics will add value.

Big data, as well as business research spending, has been 12.4 percent higher than in 2016, as per IDC’s. Based on data financing, CIOs provide the tools they need to make informed choices to lead the organization in the correct direction.

CIOs offer practical strategies, and to provide granular data on demographics, CIOs will provide context for customer information. Just as in Guess Who’s the classic game? For success to kick in, one has to build an excellent impressive profile. CIOs can use data to create patterns and map their customer experience with analytics by obtaining customer feedback and finding trouble areas during the customer journey. Such demographic analyses allow CIOs to enhance their output in the regions that are knowledgeable and customized.

A CIO’s role is to guide an organization through data, information, and insights to encourage executive decision-making. The CIOs need resources that can, whenever and where necessary, scale-up and adapt to the changing business requirements. Investing in strategies that can be customized – and not in solutions that are at least redundant in the least strategic vision – is extremely necessary.

CIOs have to look diligently for new approaches that can increase the performance and competitiveness of the business. CIOs will not nur enhance their organization’s market position but also their place within the organization by offering good practices as well as recommending innovative solutions supported by evidence

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