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Cloud Infrastructure Providers Unveil Ground-breaking Data Protection Code of Conduct



A coalition of more than 20 cloud infrastructure providers has committed to not using customers’ data for their own purposes or to resell to third parties, under a new code of conduct.

The code, launched by the newly formed Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe (CISPE), compels participating cloud infrastructure providers to not data-mine or profile customers’ personal data for advertising, marketing or similar purposes.

Customers will also be given the option to have their data exclusively processed and stored in the EU or EEA countries.

The CIPSE code precedes the application of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and aligns with the requirements of that legislation. GDPR, which comes into force in 2018, is aimed at giving citizens back control of their personal data and unifying regulation across the EU, simplifying the regulatory environment for international businesses.

Signatories to the CIPSE Code, the first of its kind in the sector, include more than twenty large and small infrastructure providers headquartered or operating in 15 European countries. Compliant companies will be labelled with a Trust Mark, which will allow customers to choose cloud providers which will protect their personal information.

Alban Schmutz, Vice President at OVH and Chairman of CISPE, said: “This is the first industry-wide Code of Conduct to do so. It gives customers the assurance that their data always remains in their control and in their ownership.”

MEP Eva Paunova, Member of the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection, welcomed the code. 

“The demand for strong cloud infrastructure, where customers are assured that their data is well-protected, is increasing. We as policy-makers can draft a perfect piece of legislation on paper, but what is key is to know what is feasible and what can work on the ground. To that end, I welcome the CISPE Code of Conduct and how it helps European cloud customers to understand that their content is receiving a high standard of data protection,” she said.

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