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The CISPE Data Protection Code of Conduct Compliant Providers



The Europe-wide Cloud Infrastructure Providers is a group of cloud computing members that represent thousands of European consumers. The Code of conduct of CISPE makes sure that customers are using the correct data requirements for the protection of their cloud service provider to ensure the security of their data as following European Union under the General data protection and regulation(GDPR).

The providers of cloud storage services who comply with the Code ought to allow customers a full choice in the European economic area to store and process their information. Cloud services providers will also pledge and swear that, except when necessary to provide the services. They will not access or read and use any information, including, in particular, for data mining purposes, profiling, or marketing purposes.
The Code of Conduct of CISPE offers a mechanism to allow the customers to determine whether cloud computing systems of their companies can be used in the processing of personal information, or whether they meet existing and future requirements Code of conducts makes it easier better to apply the current EU rules on GDPR data security. The GDPR’s goals to improve the constitutional rights of the citizen in the digital age are familiar to CISPE leaders.


CISPE cloud service providers is a Belgian non-profit organisation. Its Board comprises of less than ten members who are chosen by the General Assembly members.
Composing rules: European Based companies should be the bulk of the Board; small and medium caps should be a significant part of the Board (€1 billion) and serve at least three separate EU countries (about the location of the global headquarters). The Board of Directors will have at all times a composition statute. Alban Schmutz is the first president of the Board.

The committee appoints the secretary-general. The committee also named the Code of Conduct Committee (CISPE CCTF) to establish and strengthen the CISPE Data Security Code of Conductivity, the very first director-general is Diego Mingorance.
Any participant working in one European state should have at least one IaaS System and agreed to announce at least another Service throughout the six-month term in compliance with the Code of ethics of CISPE.

The Data Protection Code of Conduct

In compliance with the GDPR, which entered into force on 25 May 2018, CISPE introduced a CISPE data privacy policy in support of the IAAS suppliers and their customers. In addition to the mandatory enforcement with GDPR, the coding guarantees that IaaS companies may also opt to have their details exclusively stored and handled in Europe, not recycle customer information by the manufacturer.

CISPs, as well as IaaS service providers, ought to announce compliance. The CISPE code of conduct was launched at the European Parliament in 2016, and the first thirty services were declared by the first CISPs as well as IaaS operators .on 2017, the thirty services were announced.

What it means for businesses

The Code aims to enhance customers’ trust among CISPs. For CISPs, it is a perfect way for them to show the best practices in the industry and could be used to increase customer bases. For consumers, though compliance with the Code will not assure enforcement by a CISP, it will reduce the possibility of illegal processing and minimise the list of potential CISPs.

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