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Is Coaching the Key to Reviving Our Productivity



Productivity refers to how competently input are put in place and used to produce output. The kind of output runs most things which lead to development and growth of our economy especially through business. The business sector has taken lead depending directly on the living standards of the people which is mainly supported by the coaching in this business. In the UK earlier before 2008/2009 recession, productivity in the service and manufacturing sectors increased every year from 1997 consecutively but after then the productivity fell drastically due to low outputs. Since these years there has been a fall and rise of productivity which causes instability in the economy, finance and foreign exchange.

According to Daniel Harari, the UK requires a record of 2.8% to produce and maintain strong productivity. This can only be achieved and maintained by coaching of business CEOs, CFOs and CIOs consistently as per the need of the country at the time. The government has constantly shown support for businesses and created platforms for their growth.

Effects of coaching in business

Leaders are able to carry out the activities just as the other staff to have more productive output. In most cases leaders give instructions and watch the team working on their own. According to surveys a leader that works together with the team produces more. A coaching culture helps to renew energy for work where there has been evidence of performance deficiencies. Coaching is more effective in such a scenario that training as the results are very evident in terms of increased productivity levels.

Businesses that carry out coaching run smoothly as every employer is self-driven and motivated to work and as a result the team leaders may not encounter any challenges and fear of deterioration but only works to maintain the good relationships made and the high productivity from the business hence a better economy of the UK now and in the future.

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