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Bridging The Cyber Skills Gap



In recent years leading up to 2017, many companies and organizations, either huge corporate giants, or small start-up firms, have at some point fallen victim to cyber crime. Especially those who`s investment in security was inadequate. This has happened as cyber criminals or terrorists becoming loose and on the rise of becoming more resolute and sophisticated in their criminal techniques and evasive maneuvers, making many companies and other regulators continue bolstering cyber protection.

Other than security alone, many companies use digital automation to help bridge that talent gap fading the talent crisis in the industry today. With the availability of technology, companies now use automation in bridging the gap by incorporating automation of some specified cyber tasks making it possible in increasing efficiency in production, while also maintaining above level security, mitigating security threats hence saving time and money.

Despite the many existing misconceptions, automation will never completely replace the need for human input in organizations, therefore bridging the skills gap requires a deeper and modest approach in closing the gap between human talent and successful automation in organizations. Changing from this culture might take quite some time, but organizations need to broaden their ideas in considering a wide range of potentials including a whole make up of a great candidate, what they look like and what they bring to the table.

More than ever, Companies today strongly rely on the emerging digital economy where automation and quantum computing is quickly evolving. To match this trend, companies need to invest heavily in mentorship programs and foster career guidance and development to employees giving direction on how to get into and stay updated on cyber skills. Companies can encourage private apprenticeship programs regarding training in cybersecurity professions and embrace diversity in their teams to improve every individual.

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