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Convenience and Security Over Price for Online Shoppers



When it comes to shopping online, consumers are generally interested more in convenience than in low prices, according to research carried out by the experts of e-commerce hub Expressly.

The research indicates that a significant number of customers object to being forced to provide payment and delivery details every time they make a purchase online: 24% of buyers express irritation at this process, a factor in 67% of digital shopping baskets assembled by UK customers being left abandoned, their owners deciding against completing their orders. The conclusion reached by Expressly is that shopping websites make their ordering processes smoother and more convenient.

Amazon and eBay are taking convenience seriously by making moves to integrate customer-friendly interfaces into their websites. In particular, they are paying attention to how today’s customers frequently shop using mobile devices such as phones and tablets, which require a different and simpler interface to traditional desktop devices.

At eBay, customers can now make use of a “Buy Now” option that allows individual items to be purchased quickly and simply without the usage of a digital basket. Amazon, meanwhile, has introduced the “Dash” button which is designed to be used when purchasing household goods that need to be replenished on a regular basis.

Expressly’s research shows that, as well as desiring greater convenience when shopping, customers value security, with 30% of consumers having expressed concern about the possibility of falling victim to fraud. Fortunately, developments in easier shopping have also lead to advances in security, with “1 click” buying processes involving less transfer of data between customers and stores and, consequently, less room for cyber-thieves to intercept information.

On the whole, ecommerce giants like Amazon and eBay are successfully adapting to changing attitudes amongst customers, many of whom have less time to spend shopping and a greater awareness of online security concerns.

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