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Cybersecurity Operational Challenges Rise Despite Increased Spending



ThreatQuotient, a developer of cybersecurity software, has today unveiled a Next-Generation Analytics and Operations Study report from Enterprise Strategy Group’s (ESG). The respondents of this study comprised 400 experts from the IT and cybersecurity sector. The research found that 72% of these professionals feel that it is more difficult to operate and analyse cybersecurity than it was two years ago. Additionally, they cited the growing volumes of security alarms and the rapidly evolving threats as the main challenges facing businesses today. The report also revealed that 31% of companies are considering using threat intelligence to automate duties related to remediation.

According to the study, a whopping 89% of businesses rely on threat intelligence from third-parties. However, professionals feel that challenges in the cyber world are moving at a faster rate than system defenders can keep up. More than 50% of businesses report a lack of cybersecurity skills and reliance on manual processes to analyse threat intelligence, making these challenges more extreme. Businesses still feel that they are addressing these challenges at a slow rate despite efforts by analysts to combine internal data with external threat data.

The challenges facing operations and analytics are increasing and so is spending. Organisations are understaffed and do not have skilled personnel. It is at this point that a threat intelligence platform designed to manage and enable threat operations becomes invaluable. This platform works by optimizing a business’s security investments, and aggregating internal and external threat data sources, enabling IT experts to improve their focus and efficiency.

Most organizations’ approach to cybersecurity is inefficient because it uses too many tools and manual processes. Fortunately, some companies have realized this and are switching to a model based on a Security Operations and Analytics Platform Architecture (SOAPA). This tool can help businesses operationalise cyber threat intelligence in real-time when responding to incidents and mitigating risk.

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