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The Cost of DNS Attacks Has Risen By 57% Globally



The Domain Name System (DNS), a naming system for computers and other resources connected to the Internet, works so efficiently that people don’t know that it exists or have just forgotten about it. A 2018 Global DNS Threat Report compiled by EfficientIP shows that there has been a significant increase in DNS-based threats and attacks. Additionally, the report delved into the causes and responses towards attacks aimed at DNS servers and their effects on businesses globally.

Last year alone, businesses experienced seven DNS attacks which cost organizations approximately £4 million in damages. While there has been an increase in the occurrence and cost of DNS attacks, companies are still lagging in implementing security solutions to prevent, identify, and eliminate attacks. Failing to secure DNS serves comes with consequences which include a high risk of losing data, failure in compliance, service downtime, and compromised public image. The positive side of this is that organisations around the world now clearly understand why DNS is crucial in ensuring data confidentiality and continuity of a business, therefore, securing their servers has become a priority for such businesses.

The Rising Costs of DNS Attacks Vary from One Country To Another

The report highlighted a 57% year-on-year increase in the average cost of a DNS attack worldwide. The growth and cost per attack vary from country to country. Europe experienced the highest increase in cost per attack (105%) while France coughed £794,000 to cater for damages. Singapore experienced an 85% increase in costs and had the highest cost at £579,000 per attack. Businesses in the US had a cost increase of 82% and attacks cost them £533,000.

Popular DNS-Based Attacks In 2018

DNS-based malware remains to be the most common attack in 2018 alongside Phishing (36%), followed by DNS Tunnelling, Lock-up Domain attacks and DDoS attacks all of which stand at 20% each.

Effects of DNS Attacks

Well-publicized cyber attacks often damage the reputation and financial standing of organizations. The report found that 33% of respondents had experienced data theft at some point in their business and 40% experienced cloud outages. About 22% of organizations ran out of business after a DNS attack.

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