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Journey Analytics: The Silver Bullet to Improve the Customer Experience



Providing exceptional customer experience is very important for any business. To achieve it can be hard and applying it to a running business can be twice as hard. To measure and quantify customer experience, you need to get their views as they use and interact with your brand or products.

Many entities are embracing the collection of customers’ views through customer experience surveys and reports from call centers. When merit improves, it shows success but investors should know that other factors are left uncontrolled.

Is Journey Analytics the Bridge between Customers Behaviour and Business Outcome

Focusing on particular touchpoints may lead to misleading results as a customer might be unhappy with an interaction as the journey continues. It is important to concentrate on the customer’s journey entirely across channels and over time. Performance on the customers’ journey reflects customers’ satisfaction more than concentrating on touchpoints.

Ways in which Journey Analytics provides quantitative needed to improve customer satisfaction

• Quantify what is most important to your customers

Journey analytics can show the drivers of customer satisfaction by providing the key performance indicators of your customers’ interaction with your brand.

• Measure the obstacles of customer Experience obstacles.

Journey analytics helps to measure and understand the effect of poor customer’s experience at every step they make in their journey. They help identify the possible obstacles to customers’ experience.

• Prioritize customer experience based on revenue coming in

Strike a balance between customers’ expectations and the benefit attached to it financially. The relationship between the two can be complicated because returns are different across industries.

• Make customer experience a point of differentiation

Let the customers’ experience be the point of differentiation from the competition. Make sure you make transformative changes to the pain points which differentiate you from your competitors as well as lowering the costs to serve.

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