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Key Marketing and Data Technology Opportunities and Challenges for 2017



The year 2016 has seen an exciting leap into innovation in the marketing and IT sector. The success of Pokémon Go! has taken augmented reality into the mainstream opening marketers to the possibility of virtual reality and AR. There has also been a lot of buzz around artificial intelligence thanks to chatbots in the service place.

The coming years will see companies start to come to grips with what cognitive computing has to offer. While there is a lot of hype about the potential of this technology, there’s still some nervousness around it. This is expected as A.I. cannot operate without careful human monitoring.

Organisations, therefore, need to work out the basics to get real benefits of new technology. More importantly, they need to eliminate the idea of simply joining the bandwagon and instead see how the application of this technology can improve their businesses.

Here are the biggest opportunities and challenges for 2017 and beyond:

1. Real-time decision making

Real-time decision making is expected to be a big trend in the coming year. While there has been a limited amount of practical application of real-time decision making, it is evident that the idea is going to dominate the landscape from 2017 onwards.

2. Cognitive computing will be a big thing

The coming years will see organisations use intelligent machines to segment audiences and apply data gathered to predict the future. While future forecasting using AI may seem science fiction, some organisations are already taking advantage of this trend.

3. The need for data governance and management

Data management is essential and companies need to view data as a corporate asset. Just like any asset, data should have a cost and value attached to them. Yet, a very small number of organisations do this.

4. Getting your digital network in order

Organisations are likely to have various systems in place due to high turn-over in senior marketing roles and rising marketing technology spend. With each area having its technology, there is need to patch them together and integrate them properly.

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