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PSD2 Is an Opportunity for Banks If Embraced Properly



The amended Payment Services Directive (PSD2) would implement new protection standards in Europe in September; however, it will also have an impact in the United States and other parts of the world. PSD2 gives the payments industry two significant changes. It requires improved security standards for electronic transactions with Dual-Factor Authentication (MFA) as well as allowing banks access to individual bank accounts for third-party payment processing providers if bank customers agree.

What are strong consumer authentication (SCA) requirements?

In PSD2, it is the case that European customers with two-factor authentication (2FA) have financial firms keeping a payment account, which will have to contest electronic purchases, such as card purchases. This enhanced encryption blends what you know, such as passwords or PIN, with what the user owns, like mobile application code or a biometric signature, such as fingerprint or visual recognition. This better encryption For each transaction that connects the consumer and the percentage, the outcome is unique encryption codes.

Such specifications are subject to multiple exemptions. Of example, transactions below €30 and regular operations of the same payee and sum may be excluded, similar to those relating to subscription services. Also, white list traders can be made by consumers.

If the buying bank or company guarantees a low rate of fraud by specific risk assessment approaches – transfers up to EUR 100 for fraud rates below 0.13 percent, EUR 250 for fraud rates less than 0.06 percent and EUR 500 for fraud rate less than 0.01 percent, higher price transfers can be excluded. But the average fraud rate for a majority of the purchasers is well over 0.13 percent, as per a recent study of Aite Group Consultancy and the fraud detection firm location on the PSD2 effect, so whether such low fraud rates can even be achieved is uncertain.

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