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2018 Will Be the Year of Low Code



Up till very recently, programming and software writing was a closed book to most casual computer users who wanted to do the things that apps and programs allowed them to do more than they wanted to create their own tailor-made apps and programs. However, that is, according to low-code platform vendor LANSA, all about to change in 2018.

Low code simply refers to the practise of having ‘easy-to-use’ coding ready for users to implement in their program. Think of it as being like pre-fabricated building kits, or flat pack furniture. It is everything that might be needed to achieve the end result, but provided in such a way that it is easier and faster: the difference between a custom-carpentered bookcase made from scratch, perhaps even by chopping down the tree by oneself; and buying a flatpack of pre-cut pieces of wood, the precise number of screws, attachments and pegs and the easy-to-follow instructions. In both cases you end up with a bookcase to fill that empty wall – but only one of them takes just an hour or so.

Of course, there will always be a need for programmers who can write every letter and symbol of code by hand, but many more people will be able to take advantage of low-code offerings to come up with an app for their company or business, to personalise a website or blog, or even come up with the next must-play game that will sweep the world by storm, without needing to spend hours writing the code by hand or spend even longer learning to write that code in the first place.

Low code is particularly important now, as technology booms the shape and feel of the workplace changes dramatically (up to 60% of high school-children leaving education this year will work in jobs that have not, as yet, been described), and there are gaps left between what technology can achieve, and there being enough people trained to use that technology to its best advantage.

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